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a new collab work with `FarDareisMai! :highfive:

:megaphone: please make sure you view it 1:1 (without browser resizing) for the amazing details!

i've submitted this to the "raw fractals" gallery, despite it being made using two separately rendered layers merged in photoshop, as with the text.

there has been no colour processing or image resizing, so what you see is a straight blend of two chaotica-rendered layers by one chaotica-rendered alpha mask :)

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Excellent composition and details!
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This is a fractal? This is crazy nice looking, I didn't even know you could do this with fractals...
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mostly the work of FarDareisMai, a very fruitful collab :) the base fractal is very classical actually, the Sierpinski…
Is there a possibility to upgrade from HD to Studio?
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heya, for sure, you can eg. just paypal the difference and i'll change your licence on the store immediately :)
Great, can I use debit card to "paypal the difference"? Where to tranfer? Sorry for hassle ^^
P.S. I have PayPal acc, and card assigned to it.
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You can use the same paypal address as you did for the HD licence, we'll get a notification and I'll do the upgrade immediately. It's not a hassle at all, thanks for your support mate! :ahoy:
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i can't find your licence info for some reason - can you please email me with any reg info you have, eg order number? thanks and sorry ^^; will have it done asap tomorrow
Hey, I am sorry for the delay. I've sent you PM - just let me know in case something in not right Ahooooy Matey!
hey lycium, this one is an amazing piece.
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heya dakiru, cool to see you here :D thanks for the kind words :ahoy:
Man, those are well deserved! Just got myself an HD license - this kind of beauty just forces you to understand that mysterious procedural magic Ahoy revamp 
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That 'isometry' is one of the best I've ever seen.  La la la la 
What in the world did you use to make the recursive triangles?
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hi, sorry for the very late reply ^^; in this collab work `FarDareisMai did the fractal design, my role was mainly "production" you could say, some colouring and making layers for blending in photoshop.
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beautiful! those substitution tiles make me crazy!
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Wow! Got myself a new wallpaper here!
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phoar, i wish you the best of luck seeing any icons against that background :XD:

nevertheless, i am shocked that someone making such astonishingly creative works would use this as a background :) i have a whole folder with your images cycling as my backgrounds, now ;D
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It serves just perfectly because I don't use any icons on my desktop as I rarely turn of my pc and the same 5-6 programs I use are alwaays open anyway.

Really couldn't use my own renders as knowing how they were done makes them look really sucky for me haha.
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whoa! lotsa details here! this sholud be a 3x3 meters huge canvas!
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woahhh o.O thats amazing lyc! would be perfect for certain posters/covers
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much belated thx mate! :ahoy: btw, what price do you think is good, for sw making highres poster/cover images? :sherlock:
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It's a menger masacre :fear:
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