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it seems the next apophysis will have möbius transformations...
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Love the organic feel of this.
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i love such kind of art...
pitty that i saw nothing like this here in
this go to my fav.. :)
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thanks, really old work here ^^;
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You're welcome :)
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such masterpiece...
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This piece rocks. I need to play with mobius :D
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Excellent work! My compliments!
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great composition!
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this looks like an alien schematic and i love it
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this looks so good pitted against a white background!
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I wish it was moving
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can be done :) it would look very interesting too. unfortunately, when i made it, i didn't think of this :(
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Has some pretty nice details, the tones are really a great point in it, remindme some of the papers of DaVinci in some extrange way... I think its a very good fractal work, maybe you can be some kind of "dA vinci" after all...
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lol, dA vinci :rofl:

until i've released anything substantial (like this fractal renderer i keep promising everyone), definitely can't take that seriously ;P
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kind of a perception thing, but i like your fractals anyway :) good day! :P
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sorry for the silly comment i had not noticed that some people had already told you about the comparison...
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Well I wrote that I appreciated this piece on my own profile page, so I thought it was only fair to actually write a comment for it.

I have to admit the longer you look at this piece, you notice all the minute details that bolster the main structures. All the fine hair-like lines. It really does have it's own beautiful intricacy and subtly.

I've just been reading through some of the comments, and I have to agree with those that note the similarity to compass arcs. It really does remind me of a layering of subtle compass lines, and makes me feel quite uncreative for never doing anything more with a compass than working through maths classes (many a year back now....)!

I think this comment might be getting a little lengthy but it's all down to the admiration I have for this kind of work. I look forward to seeing more!
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Maths as art, then? Someone must have an eye for design first, to produce such results. You clearly have that, sir. Another very very fine piece. I'm out of words.
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