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crazy dispersion

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i recently implemented refraction (for the first time), and in making the index of refraction vary with wavelength i decided to hack a bit. normally the index of refraction decreases with wavelength, so of course i made it increase :D

this was producing really interesting caustics already, so i put the scene inside a big reflecting ring, which is what causes the nice "dream catcher" like crossing of caustics.
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I love this so much. I think you've moved on to fractal stuff now, and I love that as well, but I wish the program you used to make this was available to buy! I would do anything to be able to play around with the settings of a ray tracing program that allowed you to alter the details of the behavior of light.
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that's very interesting to hear because I've had just such a program in mind for some time now! during my week of holiday (just finished) I worked on it some more, got it running on the GPU...

obviously a lot more work is needed to make it into a fun application, but I'll get there :D
Hahahah, that's great! I can't wait until you finish it. I hope you post about the progress you make, so I can stay abreast of developments and can buy it as soon as it comes out. If I'm not completely destitute as a student, of course. Then I'll have to not eat for a few days for the money :D
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this is amazing, such an excellent idea. Could you apply this effect on any model? I would be more than happy to send some of my models over just to see what they'd look like illuminated with hacked light.
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yeah, i have some scrap images (not on da though) where i've applied the technique to 3d model - the image here is done with my 2d ray tracer.

i've given notice to resign from my current job so i can work on 3d rendering tech again, fulltime and for reals, so i will be begging for good test data before too long ;) please feel free to send through anything you like (you'll receive full credit of course!)
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Excellent! I've tried playing around with volumetric caustics and refraction but I'm presuming C4D's renderer is not really the best for it since I always give up after waiting for the first preview render..
I added you on google talk,I'll send an obj file to that address when I pick a nice one out!
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aha, so that's who the new person is ;P i'll remember to lurk less next time i see you!
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its very neat, which program did you use for it ? :)
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thanks, everything in my gallery is made with my own programs (from scratch, longtime hobby...)
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I feel strange attraction. Like a moth to a flame. :o
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Woh, VERY nice! I love colour games :D
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thanks, you should see what i'm rendering atmo :D
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addy sent ;)
Can't wait :D
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i see you're having fun, mate :D
that. is. cool!
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thx, rendering even funkier stuff now :D
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