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coral rift

By lyc
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rendering info:

time: 3 whole days (cpu running over 100 deg celsius)
software: my toy rendering system, allura (photoshop only for text)
wtf: crazy unprincipled iteration formula with zillions of iterations, producing an ultrafine "net" of torn microsurfaces (in consequence the surface normal computation is approximate at best)
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Still my all-time favorite in your gallery. So organic and detailed.
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I come back to admire this image every few months :-)
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wahh! Amazing! :D

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this looks so believable as a real structure, amazing.
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The anti-aliasing algorithm must have gone crazy trying to smooth out all that fine detail. Almost like cotton candy. Great job!
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Absolutely beauty-full image, love it! what a render ! O_o <3
Looks like billions polys in traditional 3d package, no?
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How did your processor not melt? The thermal paste should have crumbled under those extremes. Very cool piece!
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it did crumble, and the cpu was throttling :noes:
HEY ! Hi there !

How how can we get your toy ?

It seams to work prety well in All kind of fractals from organic mandrelbot to Even terrain ...

And better yu can already export this fractals to 3D Isnt ??
[link] lol WHOW very nicee....

Cheers !

A wounderfull 2012 Full of achievments man !

Ruben ISmael
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this is awesome! I love how it seems phase beteen solid and liquid with a gooey feeling in the middle. very nice work.
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it's a lion, get in the car?
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thank you :)

btw, it's rendered with my own 3d render program; although now, i think it would be better to render it using indigo renderer :sherlock:
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Wow seem like an web of a spider
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Art? Maybe not. Beautiful? Definitely. Makes me think of some kind of alien landscape, add a starscape to the background and it could be.
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On a side note, you voluntarily let your PC overheat for renders? I normally limit a render on any program to 3 cores (75%). Even if I turn off the thermal alarm I can almost hear my PC's silent screams of agony otherwise...
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This is amazing, reminds me of magnetic powder also great lighting!
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thanks :) the lighting is standard skylight model (described by preetham shirley smits) used in most realistic 3d rendering engines, so i can't take credit for that i'm afraid ;)
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:clap: for color choice! ;-)
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Interesting fractal. Looks organic, as if I was looking at some natural material under a microscope.
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