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cities of tomorrow


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2009 remix of image rendered in 2007 with my 3d fractal app from 2006.

the print is completely unaltered 10800x7200 output from my program.
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© 2007 - 2022 lyc
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yepping - it´s strictly :iconthumbplz:
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I love this! My next fractal portfolio I would hope to have a feel of architecture like this does. I wish this program was available xD
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Mind Blowing!
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thanks, after 7 years it's still my best work i think :)
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I don't know about your best, but It IS THE best I've ever seen!
Did you release that program ever?
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Great work, I really like the technical look and the dynamic composition :thumbsup:
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nope, just another fractal renderer from back when :)
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very nice :clap:

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Wow, this is stunning! What's going on with your app? :D
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i've been thinking about opensourcing it for a long time, but i need to clean up the code and remove external dependencies etc for a release. it could kill incendia and xenodream, both developed by good people i know, so i'm a little hesitant to do it :hmm:
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Would love to use this!
LeonieZurakowsky's avatar
Kill them! Hm...hard to believe that. Still it is tricky when you're in a situation like that. I wonder if it would be appropriate to ask them what they think? Cuz both of those programs - well it's a while since I've tried them - were low on the user-friendliness or I would have stuck with them longer. :D
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that stuff's from 2006 tho, i could do it a lot better now :sherlock:
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And I look forward to it! :D
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Absolutely amazing
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own software
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thanks :D this is my favourite / best work i think.
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Wow, great work!!!
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thx, probably my best i think :D
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Master piece :clap:
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