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"mating" of two julia sets (z^2 + c1) / (z^2 + c2) with a spherical surface trap, and some detailing...

rendered with unbiased ("infinite bounce") light transport, in this case diffuse (radiosity) using my toy renderer, allura.

title taken from the amazing autechre song of the same name.
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I made a practically identical mb3d transform called Cayleyifs just one parameter :)
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interesting! i would be interested to try it in my software if possible :)

on that note, i think today i might try to implement hybrids :D
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It got on page 9 already
Please send me a note so it won't get drowned 😥
Just chiming in to show appreciation for the Autechre reference ;)
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very much belated thanks! the first track of their new EP is so awesome btw :wow:
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Maybe someday I'll know what you wrote under this to explain it, but until then I'll just fave it!!!
( No, I'm not going to start doing poetry now, no matter how much you beg me).
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I like fractal and I like this
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this is fantastic
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you updated this one?
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nope, i mistakenly submitted it to #gfxcoders, you should have an announcement about group deviations vs favs explaining it, apologising for confusion :blushes:
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Wow, this is just stunning:wow:
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programmer power! :#1:

i'm glad you like it :)
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I could quite easily see this as a frame from an Autechre video (doesn't surprise me you're a fan, they became tremendously boring after Confield, but preceding that they are still fascinating). I can imagine flying down the opening to the lower-left and seeing further Julia patterns down a tunnel of some sort... Great work!
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thats a beautiful render. Really nice track too
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england is the musical capital of the world! well, the "fertile crescent" of the electronica scene at least ;)

hmm actually it'd be great to do a collab sometime (if you'd be interested), wish i had some spare time and focus these days though, busy with work and too many other things... but, some of the stuff i work on may be used by you someday, if i play my cards right :D
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hehe, that's why I moved to London, so many great gigs.
Id be very interested in a collab with you actually, what kind of thing did you have in mind?
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well, me and a buddy (~greenhybrid) are planning to write some fractal software, which will hopefully be fairly cutting edge and usable for high end animation work. so there's a fractal aspect to it probably :sherlock:

also, we like to write ray tracers, and like to generate procedural geometry. just add direction and art assets.

hopefully we could release the result, which would be a few MB that unpacks (given a cluster) into several GB of pristine 1080p and surround audio... that's my ultimate hope, we don't have to get it in one step ;)

much as i'd love to just go ahead and do that tomorrow say, i'm already like 3x over-committed and have poor time management... so it would be in a few months earliest, i.e. just something to keep in mind while creating stuff and collecting ideas :D
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sounds excellent man, I'm very interested in working with coders such as yourself. Me and a friend are planning on working on a live installation perhaps in the summer, he codes shaders and things directly tied to gpu functions. But that project is very vague at the moment and I don't know where/when its going yet.
On the other hand I'd also be very interested in any information you had on free ray-tracing software I can use for rendering some of my work. I tried out v-ray in the past but I'm more interested in something freeware which is either stand-alone or integrates with cinema 4D somehow.. or even 3D studio max, I still know my way around that.
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woah... that looks intense. I'm gonna try importing a c4d scene now.
What program if I may ask?
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