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May 15, 2009
While I had been meaning to feature lyc for sometime, banana-tree thought I was taking too long, so a proper prodding in place brings this to my attention! She writes, great depth here that strongly draws the viewer right in. it's funny how it looks both magical and sketchy at the same time. cichlisuite by =lyc And I agree! lyc is an amazing programmer and has some amazing pieces to prove it, this being one of them. Make sure you check out the whole gallery!
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messing around with my older (2006) 3d fractal renderer again, this time with volumetric fog techniques.

edit: moved from scraps, zomg a DD! :faint:
much :heart: to everyone
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triptychaos's avatar
escondendo o ouro? :D
masterofshadows's avatar
THIS was in your scraps?! :D
lyc's avatar
ahaha i have a lot of crap in my scraps ^^;
jusk2ru's avatar
Jesus! this is amazing!
lyc's avatar
thanks, though it's so old by now! :o
LeonieZurakowsky's avatar
Delicious and a DD! Congratz! :D
RV-TIDE's avatar
How dare you put this in the scraps in the first place?! >:O
Lol, amazing.
lyc's avatar
it's ooooold stuff man, and i wanna opensource the engine that renders it
RV-TIDE's avatar
Sounds like that might be a good idea. The extra development and input could lead to something huge.
lyc's avatar
unlikely, but who knows...

all my effort lately is going towards chaotica, however: [link]
RV-TIDE's avatar
Wow (x15), it looks great! Any idea when there'll be a new release?
lyc's avatar
hopefully tomorrow :)
hck112's avatar
Didn't know you have a DD.

Though this was much better :thumb63227119:
lyc's avatar
meh, dd's :shrug: i didn't get a thumbnail image.
lyc's avatar
mrsnerg's avatar
New Desktop (Y) Thanks
expiringsun's avatar
This is now my desktop :)
lyc's avatar
best complement i can get, thank you! :thanks:
DoppiaC's avatar
This is really nice!
lyc's avatar

i was really surprised to find it got a DD back when! :D
Fiery-Fire's avatar
:sun: Your amazing art has been featured in my newest journal :boogie: >>> [link]

If you don't wish to be featured, please let me know and i will remove your artwork.
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