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:megaphone: UPDATE: please grab the latest version of chaotica from [link]

[original description follows]

after many years of working on ad hoc flame fractal renderers,
i've developed one with flam3/apophysis compatibility.

it aims to be faster and more efficient than flam3/apophysis,
delivering much higher quality images with less noise in less time.

bug reports are appreciated, special thanks to the fine folk in #Aposhack for their help! :thanks:
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I'm big beginner in this Fractals theme and i have one question to help... is it impossible find or make plug in or DLL or something for automatic render "ALL .chaos FILES FROM ONE FOLDER" to .jpg ...
Its very important to me...

Thank You on Yours help
I'm curious any ideas why chaotica locks up everytime i try and save the image, i have an 8 core AMD 4 ghz, 16 megs ram, amd 9700 video card 4 gig, It's driving me crazy
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Crashes on open on Mac. I'm running OS X 10.7.5. Would you like the bug report?
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A question:
does chaotica support 3D rendering in the 7X15 version? and the appropriate plugins?
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hi, unfortunately chaotica doesn't support the apo "3d hack" stuff. it may do in the future to a limited degree, but my plan is to implement 3d fractals differently/properly, using a built-in editing interface.

thanks for checking out chaotica! you should also check out the great #Aposhack chat channel here on deviantart :)
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Dude, the latest version kicks arse! Awesome stuff! Thank you!!!:)
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:D thanks a lot mate, this is about the best compliment i can get :) much appreciated, hope you make many nice renders with it :highfive:
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Hi and thanks for the render, I've tried to run it from Apo 7X 15 and I have the 0.48 version of Chaotica and always displays the message that is not valid ofr 0.45 version of chaotica.
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Hey =)
I just realized, that it's not possible to render 3D in Chaotica.
Is there any other way to render an image in 3D other than Chaotica?
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hallo :B you're correct, unfortunately there's no 3d support yet. when it comes, it'll be quite different, and hopefully more interesting than the basic apo3d approach ;)
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I think I remember seeing this issue reported; seems like final xform doesn't get applied in chaotica. is there any way to work around the final xform?
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final xforms work fine, as long as they don't use 3D or DC plugins.
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i've been using apophysis to make stuff for kind-of-a-long-time, but I'm still fairly new with it.
what is chaotica? how do you work it, what is it for? I'm not sure I understand, but it seems to help with rendering - and my rendering for some pretty simple flames takes hours!!!
is there an FAQ or somethin round here? I tried searching, but... @ w@/
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i just tried it and the results are pretty good, however i have a problem rendering large scale pictures (stripes) eg. 12000x600. is there a trick that i can use to generate poster quality renders from apo, using chaotica?
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the free version is limited to 1920x1920 resolution, higher being classified as commercial use; the 64bit version allows you to use all your computer's memory when rendering (whereas 32 bit programs are limited to 2 or 3 gigabytes max), and i've made renders as big as

licences are USD $25 for a current-and-next version licence, or $100 for all versions until 1.0; the current version is 0.43, and an editor is being developed for version 0.5: [link]
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thanks for the reply.

i'll take a closer look at the prog and decide about the license. the thing is, i'm not yet used to the prog and i just try to make a poster for my room.
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i forgot to write the size, 24k by 18k or so...

if you like, i can make a large render for you, just send me a note :)
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ok cool, maybe later
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I lyc it a lott.Thank you and bless you.
Bussy with the new one I lyc it thanx
Hi, I just downloaded Apo7x15 the other day and noticed the Chaotica support so I've been playing with Chaotica. I love the iterative rendering and it's very easy to use. I have been having one problem on Chaotica 0.4 - I don't know if it's a problem with Chaotica, a problem with my computer (32 bit Vista), or a problem with me. :)

I can't get anything to render using julia or julian (or of course julia3D). No errors in the console window. A trivial flame with the initial transform modified (linear3D = 0, julia = 1) renders a blank screen; a more complex flame with a Julia in it renders the flame as it would look without the transform using julia, with the addition of a horizontal line running from the center of the screen to the right.
I tried copying julia.dll from the Apo7x plugin directory into the Chaotica directory (even though the XML file says it should be natively supported) and that didn't change any of the behavior above.

The trivial flame (blank flame, initial transfer in its default position with variations linear3D = 0 and julia = 1) renders a circle in the Apo7X render window, but Chaotica renders a blank view on at least the first 2 iterations.

Julian2 renders fine (just like the Apo7X render window but of course higher quality). So to some degree, I can get around the problem by just using julian2.
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I think you... just saved my life, or something! :worship:

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lolwut? :lol: there's a new version btw [link]
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I am in desperate need to render more quickly, because soon I'm gonna have to render at monstrous sizes, that's why. ;)

New version: I came, I saw, I grabbed. :D
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