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chaotica 0.4


the latest version of chaotica can be downloaded from [link]

the 64 bit versions are faster but cannot use apophysis dll plugins, relying instead on the many built-in variations (see variation_compatibility.xml for an alphabetical list).


please let me know about any bugs you find :thanks: special thanks to `FarDareisMai, erik reckase and the deviantart fractal community :ahoy:

example params by ~Zueuk & ~Jeddaka, ~Meckie &^SaTaNiA, `lindelokse and `SuicideBySafetyPin

:iconchaoticafractals: :iconthe-aposhack:
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I search for someone who can make action or script to export (rendering) all .chaos file from one folder to .png.
I m ready to pay this automatic action or script... If You can do that or if You know someone... 

Thank You
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So, I'm sorry, another question - actually two -

1) When I check the box for "Save Alpha Channel" near where you choose background color, where does it save this alpha channel? The .png of the render has no alpha.

2) How am I supposed to use the Save State and Restore State features? Save State works fine to create a .lyc file, but when I hit Restore State and try to load that file, Chaotica crashes every time!
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heya, no problem.

1. use the beta build linked in #Aposhack, it has fixed alpha and many improvements.

2. load the params you used to render first, then restore state. sorry for the confusion!
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I still get crashes - if I edit and save a different set of parameters in the same .flame file would that cause problems, or is it more likely the problems are caused by upgrading?
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the state file should be saved with the same chaotica version, since there's additional information in the newer versions (0.5 beta 3). the params loaded should also be the same, i.e. have the same resolution specified, else you can set the resolution to be the same before loading the state.

basically you want to have the same params loaded and rendering before loading the state, then it'll continue right where it left off.
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OK, it was probably that I was trying to load from an earlier version then. Thanks.
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sorry, there should definitely have been a helpful message instead of a crash!
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Is Chaotica better than apophysis renderer? And at what points?
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hi alexey, chaotica aims to be both higher performance and higher quality than apo. a lot of "variations" are built in, and work in the 64bit build to allow really high resolution printing (above 2GB). it's written in highly efficient c++ and is fully multithreaded.

stay tuned for more info on chaotica if you're interested, there will finally be some news soon :)
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Does Chaotica not like direct color? I tried one with DC_Perlin and there was no color variation on that transform.
lyc's avatar
correct, unfortunately DC isn't supported at the moment :blushes:
mario837's avatar
Hi Thomas!
Maybe you can help me with this coloring puzzle I found when exporting to Chaotica: [link]
Thanks and :hug:s
lyc's avatar
hi mario, i looked very quickly at your parameters, and they appear to use a final transform with colour that isn't 0. this is handled in a very non-standard way by apo7x (unlike all the other flame apps, like flam3 and normal apo, etc etc) and chaotica doesn't try to support this terrible hack, sorry!
mario837's avatar
I realy like this program and am excited about its future development.
It works great with frost and qosmic as well as with apo 7x.
It even will open Jwildfire flames if you keep within chaotica's variation compatibility. So a big thanks and excellent work.
I tend to make all of my flames specificly to be rendered in chaotia now.
( would love to see some of the jwildfire variations added to chaotica. )

Even though I dont do any commecial work and 1920 x 1920 is quite generous and adequite for my purposes, I would like to buy an unlocked version to help with development.
I will check your site and contact you when i have some funds.

-be well
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Question: I'm trying to install chaotica in Apo 7x V15B but every time I try to link to the file I get an error message "Could not find "C:\chaotica_-.48_win_noncommercial\32bit\32bit\choatica.exe" - invaild Chaotica 0.45+ path"

does chaotica not work with v15b or am I just not doing something right?
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unfortunately apo seems to be quite picky about the chaotica path, and i'm not sure exactly how it wants to be set :hmm: probably the easiest way to use chaotica, is just to paste the params into chaotica via the clipboard (ctrl+c in apo, ctrl+v in chaotica) and then edit the resolution etc from there as needed.

thanks for trying it out! :w00t:
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Okay, thank you! :)
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Stumbled upon the program by accident :O. Will have to give it a try and report some feedback to you. Looks really nice though. :)
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sorry for the super late reply, and thanks for checking it out! i've just released the 0.48 version, which has a lot of bugfixes and is generally a lot nicer to use :)
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I tried to render an image with size 6000×4500 and it appears the maximum size is 1920×1920. Unless you're using 5× oversample it doesn't make use of more ram as suggested in the tutorial. It's also a downside because it's the large images that take long to render and for which a more efficient rendering method would be most useful.
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the free version is indeed limited to 1920x1920, larger images being deemed commercial use. there should be a nearly linear relationship with resolution and time to render an image to the same sampling level (SL); this isn't quite so in practice because of cache effects etc, but since it doesn't render in "slices" it should scale just fine with resolution. the real problem is low efficiency (which can be due to high zoom, or many invisible iterations), and for that there are solutions too... ;)
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