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SpongeBulb SphereLights

A Menger sponge and Mandelbulb hybrid, couldn't resist doing the colours and lights *giggling like a child*

Code is here:…
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Is this part of Skin Theory?

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not even sure what you mean by skin theory, lol :D

it's a fractal render generated by my code (link in the description)

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It's some thing from YouTube. Just a joke.

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heh, thanks :D

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Looks freaky! My brain thought for a couple of seconds over whether it’s sculpture with some photo manipulation :giggle: 

Also, nice to see you around! :) 
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heya, yeah sorry dA is sort of dying off for me, and i'm hanging around a lot in my discord chat mostly.

please come and say hi:
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Sorry, pal. I don’t really do fractals myself and don’t want to register to too many sites.

I think I know what you mean about dA. I was inactive here for several years and when I came back it feels like it is dying. The number of users seems like it’s dropped and it mostly seems to survive as a den for all kinds of fetish nonsense :O 
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that's pretty much exactly what's going on :D

you could try artstation i guess, but there isn't much fractal-ness going on there, that i know of...
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I’ll probably give AS a try, since I am not enjoying this place any more.

I’ll probably maintain some kind of presence here to the bitter end though, as it does have my art over the last 16 years in one place. I’ve lived altogether in three countries over it...

Anyway, take care and all the best :)
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I'm at 16 years as of end of last month, and probably 5 or 6+ countries by now, even a little longer than you :D We're just busy discussing ArtStation now in the fractal chats Discord, trying to get more people over there. I think I'll post a journal about it soon when we have a few more links to fractal people on there.
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Ok, look forward to the journal :) 

I’ll probably start an ArtStation page soon...
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