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Chaotica: Getting Started


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Thanks to `FarDareisMai for making this basic usage video for Chaotica!

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I'm big beginner in this Fractals theme and i have one question to help... is it impossible find or make plug in or DLL or something for automatic render "ALL .chaos FILES FROM ONE FOLDER" to .jpg ...
Its very important to me...

Thank You on Yours help
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What is the url she mentioned at begining?
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Thank you for your great explanations. :hug:
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oh, this is dearest `FarDareisMai's tutorial, i posted it with my account because she didn't have video submission ability then ^^;

all credit should go to her for this tutorial :D and i heard she wants to make more... ;)
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I look out for them :D
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very good tutorial! i am learning render with chaotica ... sometimes i have a dot only in the center after 1 hour rendering like hollowfication23 ... what is wrong?
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that happens when there's a plugin variation missing; this is covered in the video i think, you need to put your plugin DLLs into the chaotica plugin folder (and make sure you're using the 32bit version when you need to use these). hopefully that resolves it, if you're still stuck feel free to mail me :)
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Thankyou so much for this tute! It has really really helped mu understand....thanks!
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i am using 32 bit but nothing shows uup in my choatica render window, it's just a black background and a dot in the center.
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nevermind i got it to work. great tut!
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hey, i got a same problem too, how did you solve it? please let me know

thank you.
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