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I'm opening commissions for OCs singles/couples!

Human - Anthro - Feral
I accept LGBTQ+ characters/pairings

General information 

- Commission me through notes only!
Full payment will be requested after the commission is accepted.
- Payment in Euro or USD via PayPal. Work will be started upon receiving payment. 
- When work has been started the commission is non-refundable.
- Please provide a good quality reference(s) and/or detailed description.
- Commissioned pieces will be submitted via Notes and to my social media.
You are not allowed to remove my signature/watermark.
- Commission for personal use only. Please always credit me.

!! Please read my Terms of Service for more details !!
Payment, refunds, process, editing/crediting, personal preferences

Terms of ServicePlease read before commissioning!
I will not be responsible for any undesired outcome.
- Last Updated 30/01/2019 -
- Commission me through notes only! You can comment to claim a slot but the form should be sent via notes.
- Please pay only after the commission is accepted. (refer to "Payment" for payment plans)
- Please provide a good quality reference(s) and/or detailed description.
- Pricing might vary depending on the complexity of the piece.
- Commissioned pieces will be submitted to my social media (DeviantART, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter) unless requested otherwise.
- I have the right to reject, delay or cancel a commission. (refer to "Process" for the last two)
- I reserve the right to interpret terms in the ToS the way I understand it. Please let me know if you're not sure about something.
Pricing includes fees! Payment through PayPal

What I won't draw:

- NSFW, too explicit content, abuse etc.
- Heavy emotionally depressing topics (
ok if not the focal point)
- Fan Art

* Pricing might vary depending on the complexity of the piece. *

Prices are subject to change.
Fees included in USD pricing.

NB: "Default" is what I will usually do if no requests are made.

"Purpur"  - Human - Anthros

Monochrome sketch - default: pink /purple/blue, light texture, colour/transparent bg

"Purpur+" - Human - Anthro

Cloudy flats sketch - !! colours are subject to change to fit the aesthetic !!

Purpur Icon by Lxbo      Purpur Bust by Lxbo      Purpur Fullbody by Lxbo

Icon/Bust: 12€/15$| Halfbody: 18€/22$ | Fullbody: 25€/30$

Purpur+ Waist-up by Lxbo
Purpur+: +5€/7$

"Paro" - Human - Anthro

Cute style - cell shading - default: standing, colour bg

Paro Fullbody by Lxbo      Paro Waist-up by Lxbo

Halfbody: 28€/33$ | Fullbody: 35€/42$

"Burro" - Feral 

Standing feral - default: cell shading, transparent bg

Feral hardshade by Lxbo      Feral softshade by Lxbo

Fullbody: 25€/30$

"Sunburst" - Human - Anthro

Strong light source - soft shading - default: warm light source, simple bg

L1ndaa by Lxbo     Sunburst Bust by Lxbo     Sunburst Waist-up by Lxbo

Headshot: 40€/48$ | Bust: 45€/55$ | Halfbody: 55€/65$

"Roseum" - Human - Anthros- Feral

Painting style - semi realistic style - default rendering level: a bit messy, simple bg
!! pricing might vary on the level of rendering !!

Roseum Headshot by Lxbo      Roseum Bust by Lxbo      Happy Birthday Elwenz! by Lxbo

Roseum Bust by Lxbo      Ss2017 Digitalpanda by Lxbo

Headshot: 50€/60$ | Bust: 60€/73$ | Halfbody: 75€/90$ | Fullbody: 90€/110$
Complex background: from +50€/60$ to +100€/115$

Free-to-Use avatar: Shark by Caffeine-Holist      Free-to-Use avatar: Shark by Caffeine-Holist      Free-to-Use avatar: Shark by Caffeine-Holist


Please delete the brackets when filling.

Type of commission: (ex: Sunburst halfbody)
Request: (pose, background suggestions, if "none" I'll stick to "default")
Character reference: (+ please indicate age group)
Personality: (in a few words/lines)

Thanks by Drawn-Mario

Thank you for taking interest!
- Last Updated 30/01/2019 -

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