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Abs - how to

By lwyn
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A sloppy how to because I keep getting asked how I draw abs. Its pretty simple, takes like 1-2 mins to do

*goes back to dying*
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Thank you for sharing this
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i have a question, there is a diference between this "how to" and the one that is on the "purchase" side?
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there isn't... I think I hit that button on accident.... Sorry!!! The free is the same no worries!
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oh, don't worry! xD i was just wondering, well, in anycase, thank you very much for the tutorial : ) sometimes i strugle with the abs area, this will help a lot.
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Thank you! I keep giving my guys turtle bellies (stomach looks like a turtle shell rather than abs). This should help, thanks again!
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quick, dirty, but decent - i love it :3
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oh i like this!!!!!! nice.........that torso is pretty accurte..looking down at my body and my male structure.i mean the abs....  are preeeeetty   decent..ant eh torso length is spot on! <3   
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Similar to what I do, but different line placement...  I might have to try this!  ^^
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Very nice abs tutorial.  It's very detailed.
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I think it's hilarious that I came to your page to learn how to abs
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Can this be applied to women's abs as well?
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this will greatly help, Thank you!
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( ง͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง
fite me coward
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Have to say thank you so much. :iconeeeeeplz: I've been looking for something like this forever. @@ You're very clear in your explanation and everything. :iconsqueezeplz:
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Ahhh thanks! Glad it could help
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It'll definitely help in other pieces as well. :hug: Thank you again!
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Thanks!!!Love this!!
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WOW! thanks!<3 
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Helpful tutorial. Thanks! :) 
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Thanks, dude!!!!
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