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SSBU Possible Newcomers List

This is a list of the possible newcomers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I expect some of them to appear while others I’m just wishing them to be in. I expect some of them to be in the game, but not all of them. Some might be in the game from the start while others could be DLC.

DIXIE KONG: [DECONFIRMED] She is definitely in line to be the next DK series rep in Smash. I’ve heard people refer to her as a possible echo fighter, but that is not a good choice for her. She has a lot of potential as a new character thanks to her hair which she uses as a weapon in DKC games.

K. ROOL: [CONFIRMED] He is one of my top choices since I love both heavyweight characters and villains. His moveset potential is high and variated thanks to his many personas as king, pirate, scientist and boxer. Even though he has not appear in recent DKC games I hope Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about him and how important he is to the Country series. The next DK representative spot is definitely between him and Dixie. And even though I think Dixie has more chance of being in the game, I hope K. Rool is considered as well.

IMPA ε: [DECONFIRMED] She would be an echo fighter of Sheik. Maybe heavier, a bit slower and stronger. Impa is such a staple of the Zelda series that it is surprising she hasn’t become a fighter in Smash already.

Breath of the Wild has become a huge hit and I think it deserves a representative beyond just Link. Also, for some reason the Zelda series, as important as it is, hasn’t received a legit new character since Melee. No Midna or Vaati or Ghirahim or Skull Kid. It’s time to change that and with whom better than with the four Champions of Hyrule?

DARUK: [DECONFIRMED] A giant swordsman goron with fire-based attacks. He would be very heavy, but very strong. Daruk’s Protection would work as a counter. Some rock-based attacks like Charizard’s Rock Smash could also work well for his moveset.

MIPHA: [DECONFIRMED] A trident-wielding zora with water based attacks. Very fast, but weak. She would fight as Link uses spear-like weapons in BotW. Mipha’s Grace could work as a counter move, but instead of counterattacking when hit, it would heal her.

REVALI: [DECONFIRMED] A rito archer with wind-based attacks. Revali’s Gale would be his recovery. He would have great aerial mobility, but not be as good on the ground. He could also have different elemental arrows such as Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows and Shock Arrows.

URBOSA: [DECONFIRMED] A sword and shield-wielding gerudo with electric-based attacks. Urbosa’s Fury would be a paralyzing attack. She would have a counter emulating the parry in BotW, but it would work like Cloud’s Cross Slash. She would have great mobility on the ground, but not be as good on the air. She should have sand-based attacks as well.


DARK SAMUS ε: [CONFIRMED] Even though it has potential to be a unique fighter, chances are it would end up being an echo fighter of Samus. Stronger, heavier and a bit slower. After Ridley, it is the only remaining choice from the Metroid series.

CHROM ε: [CONFIRMED] One of my top choices. He would be an echo fighter of Ike. His game had great success and he is a fan favorite. As far as power and speed is concerned, he could be between Marth and Ike.

BYLETH: [DECONFIRMED] With the next Fire Emblem coming soon after Ultimate is released, it is inevitable that we will be having a Three Houses representative. Following in the footsteps of the former FE avatars Robin and Corrin, it is more than likely that the new avatar character from Three Houses, Byleth, might be the new game’s representative. Byleth might be an original fighter for Smash or perhaps, assuming he is a mage as his appearance suggests, he might end up being an echo fighter of Robin.

EDELGARD: [DECONFIRMED] Another possibility from Fire Emblem: Three Houses is Edelgard. I personally would prefer her over Byleth since she can use an axe, which is a weapon not wielded by any other Smash fighter, giving her a great chance of uniqueness. She is also capable of using magic, which could be implemented for some of her attacks.

MEDUSA ε: [DECONFIRMED] I am a big fan of villains. And Medusa would be a perfect echo fighter of Palutena. A darker, heavier and more powerful version of Palutena. If Dark Pit made it into Smash via clone/echo fighter, Medusa definitely should make it as well.

DECIDUEYE: [DECONFIRMED] With generation 8 so far away, the next Pokemon in line to be in Smash is definitely generation 7’s Decidueye. He is a grass-type and a ghost-type archer bird. Definitely a very unique choice full of moveset potential.


OCTOLING ε: [DECONFIRMED] I am not sure if the Octoling should be an echo fighter or just eight more additional alternate costumes for the Inkling. Seeing as they have the exact same abilities as the Inklings. But nevertheless, them as echo fighters is definitively a possibility which is why I included them in this list. Maybe as echo fighters they could be slower and stronger than the Inklings.

SPRING MAN: [DECONFIRMED] The poster boy of ARMS. Needless is to say he is the most obvious choice to be the ARMS representative in Smash. Bringing the ARMS gameplay-style to Smash.

RIBBON GIRL ε: [DECONFIRMED] The second most obvious choice to represent ARMS. She could be an echo fighter of Spring Man. Ribbon Girl would have better mobility and power in the air, while Spring Man would have better mobility and power on the ground.

REX & PYRA: [DECONFIRMED] For what I have been told by people who played Xenoblade Chronicles 2, these characters have a huge moveset potential. Sakurai has expressed how much he enjoyed the game, so I think Rex & Pyra are a given. If they are not on day one, they will definitely be available as DLC in the future. They are almost guaranteed.

CRASH: We have Mario. We have Sonic. We need Crash. He is the last piece of the puzzle when we are talking about iconic video game mascots. His moveset potential is great.

RAYMAN: Ubisoft has a good relationship with Nintendo, Nintendo fans love Rayman and he was a trophy in SSB4. I think at some point, they must have considered him as a playable fighter and maybe it becomes a reality this time around.

SIMON: [CONFIRMED] The Castlevania series has a great history with Nintendo. And Nintendo fans love the series. The moveset potential for Simon Belmont is vast and there is no other fighter who wields a whip as a base weapon in Smash. I hope that Nintendo working with Konami for Ultimate doesn’t just mean Snake’s comeback. Also, I like to think that the reason Bomberman is not a playable character is because we are getting Simon Belmont.


BANJO-KAZOOIE: In the past years Nintendo and Microsoft have developed a good relationship, Phil Spencer has continuously express his interest in seeing Banjo and Kazooie in Smash and the duo has always been a fan favorite to be in Smash. Their moveset potential is huge. I absolutely love the Banjo-Kazooie games and I always wanted to see them in Smash. So no matter how unlikely they are just remember… we have Snake, Cloud and Bayonetta already in Smash. So one can only dream.



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