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Mario Anthology: Full List


Mario Anthology: Full List

MARIO & FRIENDS: Mario Luigi Princess Peach Toad Blue Toad Yellow Toad Green Toad Purple Toad Toadette Captain Toad Toadsworth YOSHI’S ISLAND: Green Yoshi Baby Mario Baby Luigi Red Yoshi Pink Yoshi Blue Yoshi (Winged) Light Blue Yoshi Yellow Yoshi Purple Yoshi Orange Yoshi Black Yoshi White Yoshi Poochy Stork Dolphin Ukiki White Shy Guy BOWSER & BOSSES: Bowser Baby Bowser Bowser Jr. Kamek Larry Koopa Morton Koopa Jr. Wendy O. Koopa Iggy Koopa Lemmy Koopa Roy Koopa Ludwig von Koopa Boom Boom Reznor (4) King Bob-Omb King Boo Shadow Mario Petey Piranha Topper Hariet Spewart Rango BOWSER’S MINIONS: Goomba Paragoomba Green Koopa Troopa Red Koopa Troopa Blue Koopa Troopa Koopa Paratroopa Green Koopa Paratroopa Red Hammer Bro. (2) Boomerang Bro. Fire Bro. Spike Chargin’ Chuck Lakitu Spiny Buzzy Beetle Spike Top Piranha Plant Chain Chomp Cheep Cheep Blooper Monty Mole Wiggler Pokey Bob-Omb Bullet Bill Rocky Wrench Dry Bones Thwomp Whomp Lava Bubble Boo Big Boo Red Shy Guy Blue Shy
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Woah!!! Your Art is Amazing!! I especially love 'Nintendo Athology.' AKCat-suprised (Acchi kocchi) 
Thank you very much! I appreciate the comments. Glad you like my art.
dude you are awesome at the Nintendo drawings!
Thanks a lot! Glad you like them.
Hi, do you do commission work? I need help drawing a nintendo picture (it is simple, nothing big). Please contact me.
Very nice gallery ! :)
Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.