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January 1, 2012
Cold Fairyland II by ~lwc71
Featured by DpressedSoul
Suggested by Filterkaffee
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Cold Fairyland II

Cold Fairyland
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S-O-G-A's avatar
Absolutely love this one.
bibiter's avatar
yeah, like.thatś my home. thaś me
jklingchibai's avatar
*adds to favorites*
B0rrach0's avatar
Surreal and intriguing. Neat shot :)
EloreCohlt's avatar
Just like a wonderful video game. Thanks for it.
cactusmumkate's avatar
928's avatar
Nice picture, well done
RaiDoodles's avatar
I don't know why... But I almost get a creepy vibe from this. Like something awful is about to happen. The calm before the storm, so to speak. Orrr I just happen to watch too many horror movies. xD But this truly is a lovely picture. I love the contrast of the red coat and pink shoes against the background. It wasn't even until I read the comments after seeing the picture that I noticed the blue, however. :( Darn!
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Beware the wolf. :)
ThreeTeabags's avatar
that's so pretty! i love the contrast of the red
SkywardHero's avatar
Terrific Composition, awesome photo
Augustmaryethel's avatar
Beautiful. I almost see the breadcrumbs.
Megzh88's avatar
Wow this is beautiful I really admire your work
Arxuez's avatar
It's nice.>< Beautiful Snow.But I think if the girl goes far, it may be better.
Daft-Enigma's avatar
I love everything about this piece, it's wonderful.

The only thing, though, is that it would look better if that little teeny splash of blue was taken out. It draws one's attention away from the Center Of Focus.
seastone88's avatar
I was just thinking that.
alicequeen's avatar
who can with me watch"Snow White and the Huntsman"?
ADHD-art's avatar
I really like this :love: the only thing I would do to it is try to make the bottom of the streetlight less blue, it kinda draws my eye away from the center of focus (the girl) ;) Maybe you might edit just that one part to black and white?

Overall, beautiful work :D
CitizenXCreation's avatar
That's exactly what I thought when I saw this piece. That blue takes away from the main subject in this image.
ADHD-art's avatar
yeah... besides that, though, it's a great picture :)
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