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RC: Fraulien G Marridan

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This is my character for a Role Playing in :iconrising-crowns:

Name: Fraulien Geofreed Marridan
Kingdom: Veralus
Stars: :star::star::star::star:
Level: 75
Age: 46
BoD: April 8th
Race: Half-human, half-pixie
Nationality: None (she was a nomad)
Abilities: --
Skill: --

Personality: Cheerful and Playful, but always dead serious and strict on anything about aviation
Quirk: Have mysterious internal radar that could detect all moe girls in 10 meters proximity, always droll at and rush to every moe girl she meet and then hug them, love to crack joke though people never think them funny, and always wearing pilot goggles anytime anywhere (even in bathroom)
Like: aircraft, flying, playing, anything that moe
Dislike: Ram (for obvious reason), being bored
Fear: Accidents (while flying or when taking-off/landing), anything that wriggles and/or have more than 4 legs.
Goals: To build the strongest air force, to pilot world’s best aircraft, and to explore entire world using that aircraft (while hugging all moeh girls she could meet)
Habit: Couldn’t stand still for long period of time; start shaking, fidgeting and walking around in place if forced to do nothing, always talking about aviation to everyone she met (couldn't think other topic).

Fraulien was living together with her grand-father for a long time in nomad life style. They traveled from one place to another using a self-made airship.
After some time, her grand-father passed away and after several years traveling alone, Fraulien stumbled upon the mighty Veratus air force. In that instant, she was captivated by their power and decided to join Veratus.
She really loves flying and aircraft. Talented at flying, long experiences, and her love to aviation contribute to her excellent airman-ship.


Additional Note: Her pixie blood makes her looks much younger than she is (actually, she will retain her young looks forever). Also that very same heritage also makes her too cheerful and too playful, and she always curses herself for that.
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Aw goodness, she's so cute. ;w; I love the contrast between her age and habits, too <3
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something tells me shes going to pick at Eugene's ADM(initiation invention)!!!! :O
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Loving the line art of this work. This pic look so clean and the colors with the shade looks great too.