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3-Way Communication Ch.1 Page-02 by LVUER 3-Way Communication Ch.1 Page-02 by LVUER
Manga Title: 3-Way Communication

Manga Summary:
Sakurako is a seemingly perfect girl with obsession of cute things, who on a whim decided her high school based on the cute uniform. There she meets a quiet Melodiana and energetic Azura, two girls whom will become her best friends.

3-Way Communication is a 4-koma about daily lives of three girls with contrasting personality, and hilarity ensues.

Chapter Title: Sakurako Arc

Chapter Summary:
Sakurako, a seemingly perfect girl. She is desperate in choosing which high school she will attend to. With the deadline approaching, she finally decides with the help of her home-teacher. Now what will the life in her new high school leads to?


Previous Page (Manga Cover): [link]
Previous Page (Chapter-01 Cover): [link]
Previous Page (Chapter-01 Page-01): [link]


Author Note:
The second page. I want to hurry and show the rest of characters, but since this is Sakurako Arc... I guess I just need to be patient and wait (I mean keep drawing).

Just for those wondering, "a successful wife", the meaning is vary from person to person. What Sakurako have in mind when she says that is she wants to be a very caring, kind, and all-capable wife and mother, and being super cute at that.
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Monele Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
To slap or not to slap... mhhh!

As for the orientation, I managed to guess how it read (and confirmed it through having the story make sense with my choice XD) but I understand how some might get confused.

Suggestions: why not try to make a 4 panel line instead of column? Westernize the yon-koma basically :) (sure, it might not give the exact same feel...)
Otherwise, I'd suggest adding a clear separation between left and right column (a line? a much wider space?). Something that clearly shows you're not meant to go from left to right.
Another trick is to give titles to the columns (after all, each is its own little "chapter"). This might give a hint.
And finally, the blunt option: add some arrows or a text explanation. I'm more in favor of hints, since they're subtle but efficient... but it might be hard to find one that always hits the mark.
AshleyAKnapp Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It reads fine once I realized to read it manga orientation. The Azumanga Daioh and GA and other four panel comics go vertically in their collected editions, so anyone familiar with the format isn't going to have as big of an issue as the first poster made it out to be.

I like her answers! Sometimes when decided on a future it's easier to just go 'Waifu!' XD
LVUER Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Thank you (^_^)

That what I at first thought too. I'm very familiar (and grow up) with 4koma manga like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, and alike (I really love them), so I think everyone else will be familiar with the format too.

But I think those who are grow with western manga could possibly get confused with this 4koma format. In other website, a person also complain about how he's confused with the format (and he's also a very good comic author).

Anyway, I will make some adjustment to clear any confusion, especially on future strips.
SuperSparkplug Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I'm not going to judge the comic itself, but you have a serious design problem here.

I've read the first 2 pages. It was annoyingly confusing. There is NOTHING telling me that the comic reads up-down-left-right. Even if there was, it'd be inherently confusing and problematic. Anyone will automatically assume they're reading a left-to-right comic or ,if you're going for "manga" navigation, right-to-left. NOBODY is going to default read up and down, unless your comic pages are each a single column long, let alone read the next column in the proper order, which threw me off completely. Even if you're emulating Japanese Manga, they don't do it like this. They do it right-to-left NOT up-to-down. The only time they do up-to-down is when there's only a single column of panels because anything else with that navigation is bad design. Not to mention, people English readers generally read left-to-right. It's best to conform to that to design the comic properly and create less confusion (You may like Manga, most of your readers are probably not usually reading right-to-left). Research layout design because, despite what you may think, this is not a minor issue and it turned me off completely.
LVUER Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, there is someone tell me that he's confused on where to read, across or up-to-down. I think I need to add some notification that you read it up-to-down.

Actually, this is not the usual manga/comic. It's what it's called 4-koma (yon-koma) or 4-panel manga. And as standard Japanese 4-koma, you read it top-to-down. And since every "normal" manga page have enough place to place two column of one 4-koma strip...

But yeah, it's my mistake not to make it clear, considering there are lots of people who aren't familiar with Japanese manga reading my manga. Thanks. I will make necessary adjustment.
SuperSparkplug Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I know what 4-koma comics are, but you're not making a 4-koma, you are making an 8-koma. 4-Komas are a story told in 4 panels. You're doing yours in 8. Unless you make every 4 panels into its own page, you can't expect people, regardless of any notifications you put in, to conform to that, because it's going to be frustrating to get into. If you're comic is going to require a lot of effort, confusion, and frustration to read, nobody's going to like it. I really see no reason why your comic can't be properly formatted. Even Manga with 4-Koma are usually separate stories entirely , or at least spaced out enough on a page so that people don't go to the next horizontal panel (Don't do that method btw, it will probably make your design problems worse right now). Even manga creators know this, which is why 4-Komas are usually short stories because unless the entire comic goes one way it becomes a design hazard.
LVUER Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
I know it is my mistake not to make it clear. But really, what I do is more or less is a standarized things in Japanese manga.

What I've been doing is 4-panel manga, but I put two 4-panel story inside one page. And 4-panel doesn't mean each 4-panel have to have separate story.

If you read more 4-koma Japanese manga (like K-ON, Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, and bunches others... there are lots of these, really), you won't get as confused like now.

Again, yes, I know I need to clear the confusion since there are lots of readers that doesn't familiar with 4-koma format. I will make necessary change ASAP (right now it's not possible, btw, I have my day RL job).

Again, thanks for your comments and critiques.
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