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Here is my commission info! Please send me a note if you want to commission me.

- Points (point commissions CLOSED at the moment)
- Dollars (paypal only)


Wallpapers ($10.00) - Let me know if you want a size larger than 1920x1200

<da:thumb id="358534372"/> <da:thumb id="358179075"/>  Commission wallpaper by LVStarlitSky

Digital Art/Chibis ($5.00)

X and Y costumes! by LVStarlitSky Wedding Commission by LVStarlitSky Commission for PrettyPirouette by LVStarlitSky

Pixel Icons ($5.00 +$2.00 for animation)

<da:thumb id="432457496"/> Pixel Icon Commission (prettypirouette) by LVStarlitSky
<da:thumb id="354899918"/><da:thumb id="355131329"/>

Large Pixels ($10.00)

<da:thumb id="460659336"/>

What I will do:
- I draw 1 pokemon/creature/chibi per wallpaper/drawing for standard pricing.
- It will be +5.00 for every extra pokemon added.
- It will be +5.00 for every extra Chibi added. (ex: 2 person chibi drawing)

What I wont do:
- I won't include a detailed background. They will usually be simple backgrounds, solid color or transparent. We can discuss the background as well.
- no hentai or anything inappropriate.
- I don't draw anthros.

Other Info:
- I will accept payment after it's completed.
- No refunds, sorry.

Any questions can be replied to this journal or send me a note!

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lovelyqueenie's avatar
Hi, are you doing any commissions at the moment?
Assassannerr's avatar
Do you think you will open point commissions any time soon?
LVStarlitSky's avatar
i dont think so >.<
SketchingBulbasaur's avatar
Would it be possible to commission you for a Pokémon wallpaper to turn into a printed canvas?
LVStarlitSky's avatar
The commission can be turned into a DA print. (Not sure if DA has printed canvas options)
TichShowers's avatar
Question, would like a pool/lake thingie be something possible when seen from a more aerial/angled view, as to only have to show the bottom through the water a little be acceptable?

Also are simple accessories on Pokemon allowed?
LVStarlitSky's avatar
I don't do complex scenery and points of views, sorry D: But I will add accessories if requested ^^
TichShowers's avatar
Hmmm, well perhaps rephrase a little, make the background just look like it's water. So it's a Pokemon swimming somewhere.

If not, I will drop that and get just a Pokemon.
LVStarlitSky's avatar
Oh yah I could do that. It won't have much depth but you will tell it's in water. ^^
TichShowers's avatar
awesome, time to go create a note. :D
Kiytt's avatar
aah I love your commissions ~
how many characters can be in a wallpaper?
LVStarlitSky's avatar
Thank you ^^ And I'd prefer 1 character but we can negotiate. If you wanted something like "a bunch of dratini together" that is fine. But I'm kind of staying away from things like a bunch of random pokemon together (like someones team for example)
Kiytt's avatar
Ah, okay! What I had in mind was two different pokemon, Teddiursa and Oshawott.
LVStarlitSky's avatar
I can do that ^^ Could you send me what you like in a Note though? I would appreciate it :)
Kiytt's avatar
Will do. c:
dark-river-mori's avatar
may i have a digital art commission?
LVStarlitSky's avatar
yes, please send me a note with the info ^^
Kainaa's avatar
Oh wow cool, I'd love to buy 2 wallpapers. Do you prefer a note or just a comment here?
LVStarlitSky's avatar
I would prefer a note, thanks! ^^
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