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SKG Sjaelden Frost 370

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Sjælden Frost :star::star:

Registered Name: SKG Sjælden Frost 370**
Name Translation (Danish) : Rare Frost
Nicknames: Frosty
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Pure Nordanner (Registered)
Projected Height: 16hh
Age: 6 years
Color: Sable Champagne Frostsplash
Markings: Frostsplash
Genotype: EE/Ata/Chn/nFspl
Design Reference : [link]
Born with stats:
Conformation: 18
Strength: 18
Gaits: 18
Courage: 18
Intelligence: 18
Stamina: 18
Speed: 18
Agility: 18
Balance: 18
Active Potions : n/a
Discipline: Western Pleasure, Dragon Hunting
Tack Reference: n/a (for the moment)
Temperament: Jokester. :lmao: Pulls pranks and messes with everyone. Hates women. Loves to chew wood, "I'mma beaver Ma" chewing. Personal space issues, make sure to give him room! Scared of sneezing or coughing.

Other Images
- Foal Ref
- Breeding Payment 1 by *xoEmerald
- Breeding Payment 2 by *xoEmerald
- Frost in Training by *OccasionalSuicide
- Western Pleasure by *broken-arrowec
- Halter Training by ~ParisAmour7
- Lunging by ~ParisAmour7
- Halter Training by ~ParisAmour7
- Ground Poles by ~ParisAmour7
- No More Training by ~ParisAmour7
- Jumping by ~ParisAmour7
- Out and About by ~adoettei
- Early Risers by *StillRaging
- Mountain Trail by ~LittleToyDragon
- Old Ref


Bloodlines: TWF Luptător 118 x Dasi 151
Detailed Pedigree : [link]
Parent's Breeding Picture : n/a
For Stud: No, Breeding Journal and Rules
For Lease: Yes, Lease Rules

1. Reserved for *hillsveiwrider123
2. With SKG Rålam 378 , here
3. With CH Khaleesi 478 , here (*xoEmerald)
4. With SKG Snø Vulkan 389 , here (*WildBritishKittyCat)
5. Reserved for =werewwulf
6. (Reserved for Nordanner project : USED)
7. Reserved for *frenchly
8. Reserved for =ZombieOverLoad
9. Reserved for *Ikiuni
10. Reserved for me

1. Little Blue Jay 1348
2. Champagne on the Rocks 1557
3. WDR Ice Ice Baby 1871
4. GBS Remember Me In Ribbons 1858

Showing and Achievements


Show Entries:
- Support Our Troops Mini Event
- WBS Little Show

Association Points

Registration Picture
Reference -1
TOTAL : 1 point

:bulletgreen: Full body w/BG
- Breeding Payment 1 by *xoEmerald +2
- Breeding Payment 2 by *xoEmerald +2
:bulletgreen: Full body, no BG
- No More Training +1
- Old Ref +1
Foal Ref -1
:bulletgreen: Training Photos
- Early Risers +3
- Mountain Trail +3
- Western Pleasure +3
- Frost in Training by *OccasionalSuicide +3
- Out and About +3
- Halter Training by ~ParisAmour7
- Lunging +2
- Halter Training +2
- Ground Poles by ~ParisAmour7
- No More Training +2
- Jumping +2
:bulletgreen: Breeding Pictures
- Don't Forget This +.5
- Secret Love +2
- Frost and Snow in the Middle of Summer +2
TOTAL : 35.5 points

:bulletgreen: Entries
- Support Our Troops Mini Event +3
- WBS Little Show +1.5
TOTAL : 4.5 points

:spotlight-right:GRAND TOTAL : 44 points :spotlight-left:

Nordanners belong to *AgerskovArt
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Hello, just wanted to let you know one of this horses decedents has reached quality blood status artisinmyheart101.deviantart.c…
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Will be Keeping an eye out for if you sell this boy.. Hes always been a favorite of mine <3
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I now own his son [link] <3 When he is QB I will let you know! <3
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Ooh, love the new ref :)
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*bows* Thank you! :tighthug:
bedfordblack's avatar
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this is literally like, the 45th Dasi baby XD
I'm going to have some fun...
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Look what he won :D
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could i possibly get a spot with this lovely guy?
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Looked on my computer and I can't find the old picture for Champion >.< So I'll have to start over. Can't remember who I was supposed to draw to get him though- was it frosty here or just a picture of champ? :ohnoes:
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You were supposed to draw 3 training pictures of Frosty to get Champs. ^.^
ChrissyMax's avatar
Cool beans :D I'll get started on those again right away >.< lol
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He has a new daughter: [link]
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Please list me as I sent the ponts. ^_^ Thank you. :D
bedfordblack's avatar
Shinigami got banned so you should remove her slot

I could buy the slot for points though if you wouldnt mind ^>^
LVS-Nordanner's avatar
Naah, I'll keep his slot for something else. Thank you for the update though
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NP and if she asks to keep the slot for a "friend" don't do it xD
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