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Typography Portrait Tutorial

By lVlorf3us
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Hi there. I present you my tutorial. I thought that the technique of Typography Portrait is quite obvious, but since there are so many people asking about that, it's better to make a tutorial. :)

Pardon my imperfect english. :)



~~~~ Scarlett Johansson: [link] ~~~~
~~~~ Yvonne Strahovski: [link] ~~~~
~~~~ Cylon Centurion: [link] ~~~~
~~~~ Dexter: [link] ~~~~
~~~~ Aaron: [link] ~~~~

~~~~ Watch: [link] ~~~~
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You're welcome, I'm glad it helps.
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Awesome!  I do a lot of Fan Art for Michael Jackson and have been wanting to learn this for a long time now - can't wait to try it when I have more time. :)
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Thank you for comment. I'm glad you like it and hopefully you'll try it yourself soon enough. :-) Good luck and I'll be happy to see the result - either here or in messages, feel free to share it with me once it's done.
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WOW! that is GREAT! and a GOOD idea :) <3
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what progam do you use?
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Adobe Photoshop CS5 (in tutorial).
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This is perfect!!! I couldnt figure out the path tool XD 
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Thank you. Path tool is hard to handle from the beginning (when I started I was really afraid of it.. I just didn't understant that crazy tool). But after some practise you'll do just fine. ;)
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yah, I didnt understand it until now as well. I'm creating a shirt design, so this is really helpful =) Too bad I cant upload it though, because it has personal information on it XD
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I'm glad my tutorial is helpful. I understand, never mind, I believe it looks great. :)
love typography tutorials & I wish I can do the same or better
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I believe you can do the same or even better than my typography portraits. Just go through my tutorial, follow the steps and most importantly - be patient, then you make something amazing. :-)
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I've been looking for a tutorial to do this technique for some time...thanks so much! I'll try this soon!! :D
lVlorf3us's avatar
You're very welcome! I definitely want to see your result. Feel free to share it with me (comment or something), when it's done. Good luck!
fractalbeauty25's avatar
thanks, I'll definitely share it with you when I do this!! :)
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This is awesome, I'm gonna try this!
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it and good luck with that. When you create it, I'd love to see it - you can share it here into a comment, or add a comment to my profile or something.
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Thank you so much for this tutorial. I searched a long time. Here is the result of my trying: [link]
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You're very welcome. I'm glad it helped you. Your result looks good! Maybe I'd try some color overlay from the base photo, but it looks great even in black & white, so it's up to you. :)
awesome tut ..1 of the best tut on typography
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Thanks! I appreciate it! :)
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