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Finally! It's crazy it took me 9 months to make another Matte painting (since my Meeren at christmas). But I was so busy doing commissions and trying to get better in my logo design and the time flew and flew.. The second reason it took me so long is, that I want to use this in my bachelor's thesis (I hope I get the approval at school) and I wanted it to be perfect and thorough so I can make printscreens during the process. My workflow is usually chaotic, I change the lighting, perspective and photographs all the time. So now I just had to have clear vision of what I wanna accomplish.

I started sketching first ideas in June, and since then I revisited it like 100 times. Last week I finally desided to get to work and it took me 3 days completing photographs (from, morguefile and my own photo libraries) and 4 days in Photoshop. I didn't count the hours as I usually do, but the estimation is +- 30 hours in Photoshop.

I got over 850 screenshots so.. it will be loooot of work to create tutorial out of it.

I hope you like it. I tried to apply everything I've learned from past years and since my last work. Everytime I look at it I see some detail that needs some tweak.. but I could tweak it forever, so I just let it be the way it is. I'm sattisfied and feel alive again. :-)
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