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The Monolith was never finished... my bad. About 60-70 short stories I wrote were never finished ... also my bad. But... it turns out i have some stuff that just never got published or stories I had plans for in another book. Well guess what? I'm back! And I think I should put stuff here and more importantly ... finish The Monolith.

That's right! I'm can't believe i never finished it. I originally wanted to write the whole thing before i started publishing it's pieces. So this time, I will. In reality there are only about three chapters left, but i lost a lot of information and notes when i got laid off two years ago, which is the real reason i stopped. I lost all my notes and had no idea who was even alive anymore. But i'll take the next couple days re reading and making new notes. Hopefully there wont be any holes and if there are please let me know.

So expect the next chapter in about a month or so. Till then here's a short story I never published: The Alabastor Succubus.

The Alabastor SuccubusI could tell she wanted to eat me but not by any of the obvious reasons a succubus would lead on. She never once gave the impression of some kind of demon that wanted to rip part from my spine and squeeze my spleen like a sponge spilling blood over her rare panda bear rug, and her large collection of lit candles. 
I still remember that stare from across the bar. It was a classy joint, one where the mention of beer would get every man in a suit jacket to stare at you like you just bashed someone over the head with a rock. "Wine?" Was the first word out of my mouth as my buddies finally found a table not occupied by a kids trying to dress like their grandparents. 
Now every time I say classy I mean it in the same sense where you make air quotes to exaggerate the meaning without sounding like a sarcastic jerk yet that's exactly how you look. My buddies had good intentions but after several disastrous attempts of finding me a girlfriend using several lame ploys, we came here, to
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To make a long story short and to explain why I've fallen behind on my writing is because I was working really hard for the last 15 months to get into the SAFD. And it turns out I start the fire academy next Monday. 

Writing wise, The Monolith has two chapters left and I want to get them up ASAP. And that's been my latest writing goal. I've been we too distracted with work and the fire dept to get them clean enough to post here. But they are coming soon, I promise. Hopefully I can get The Monolith in an ebook format soon after and Everyone who was apart of it will get a free copy.

Until then check out some of the other things I've been busy with. My story about a kid and his grandfather who has dementia, called A Red Bandana is a apart of this new anthology. Please check it out:

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So I've stopped the weekly update to The Monolith. Mostly because I've lost my job, lost my chance at the Fire Department over a stupid lung capacity test and have been extremely busy.

So I lost my real job and I actually I've been on unemployment for almost a month and hopefully I'll start work on Monday being a Mac Consulatant. So now I'll find time to get these peices up. (I write more when I'm working. When I'm at home I just want to watch tv or play video games.) The Monolith is almost done. I've written two more chapters that will go up hopefully by within the next couple of weeks.

I also got a short story published here. The book, Satan's Holiday is $8.99. And my story "Cut" is in it. It would be cheaper to buy "<a wytiwyg="1" href="…>Diary of a Madman" for $2.99, since the story is also in there as well. But Satan's Holiday has over 20 other writers. So technically you get a better bang for your buck with that.

Other than that, these are the other projects that are still being worked on:
The Rippers (novella) needs editing.
Dayz (novella) needs re-writing and editing.
The Monolith needs three more chapters to be written.
There's also another anthology of short stories I plan to release called "My Blood" which contains most of all my short stories from here plus some new ones.
I also have tons of short stories I've started and haven't finished. According to my evernote account I have 88 stories that are not finished.

Stay tuned. I plan on getting everything back on schedule.
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Big news: The Monolith is on hiatus until next Tuesday. Sorry, but I'm swamped with stuff. I hope you guys will not forget about it afterall, when this is all finished You will all get a FREE ebook version.

We are at the halfway point with seven chapters. There are a total of 13 that have already been written and the number will probably end at 15 or possibly 17. And lots of you will die!

-L. Vera
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I'm not happy with the first draft of the first chapter of "The Monolith". Should be ready after one more edit. So the new date is looking at March 10th. I plan on sending emails out and placing news on my twitter, LVeraWrites. So you should see something reminding you somewhere. :)
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