The Monolith: Chapter Two

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Mendy crossed the threshold first. The others watched as the doorway swallowed her in one gulp.

Many trembled, some moved without hesitating, dancing, while the floor below began to change to a dark fiery red and then, they realized that they had to move forward. The darkness stared at them, an open mouth with death as its teeth and a tongue that would swallow their souls. “One wish,” someone whispered and as a group - more like a blind mob who kept close with each other for comfort - they pushed into the hallway.    

They felt the walls with their trembling hands, guiding their way through the darkness. At first it seemed safe to move as a group, the feeling of touching someone real with an elbow or even briefly with a hand felt reassuring, but the floor told a different story. It glowed like demon's eyes and it made them do one thing. They ran.

Jack felt a hand tug his, it was Marina’s, and with it they ran together, scared. The hallway was dark except the light that waited for them at the end. Bright and comforting, it urged them to be quick.

The first kid that had fallen was also the kid who had a good lead on all of them. He fell, then spun, like a ballerina but a whole less graceful. The chaos followed after, with others tripping, slamming and sliding onto the hot floor. Jack and Marina approached them as the glow of the floor had lit up the scrambled bodies giving them enough time to navigate around them until a single hand had reached out of the mound and grabbed Marina's foot.

The floor was now hot; hot enough to the burn on touch. The mass of bodies began to sweat as the tried to recover from their fall and that, the wet contact that quickly evaporated made it harder to grip any surface but they still rebounded and made it through the tunnel.

Panic faded as the boy that had fallen, covered with desperate people, was the last to get on his feet. They ran, like they were in the devil’s stomach and they had found a way out from the fiery abyss. And when they had crossed through to the next room, Mendy stood there smiling.

They all heaved except one person, breathing in air like they all had a sucking chest wound, the fallen boy. The boy who had tripped limped towards the entrance and as they turned and rooted for him to make it, his shoe began to melt. The smell was horrible, lifting into the air with an evil smoke. The boy took a step and the bottom half of his shoe had stuck to the floor. They watched as the skin on the underside of his foot began to melt.

The boy didn't scream. He just tried to push further but eventually the pain was unbearable and his feet had melted to the ground and with one forced step, his foot stayed behind him as his legs scissored forward. He lost balance and stumbled forward. His skin stuck to the ground. His cheek and his palms refused to leave the floor. The boy pulled up, trying with all his might to free his face but all he did was stretch his cheek until holes appeared. Everyone watched as the skin from legs behind him bubbled. They couldn’t look away.


A granite door fell, hiding the mess that was left of the boy.
"One wish?" George yelled but his breathing had butchered the sentence and it didn't sound like a question but more like a broken word.

"One wish," Mendy stole the sentence and reiterated. "This is some kind of game."

Lexi, she was a short girl with dark brown hair and light brown eyes but what really made her stand out was her chest. The men noticed it and so did the women but they would never admit it. She responded to Mendy with sarcasm, "Some kind of death game?"

Emotions spun but there was no time for any of that. The floor lit up in different colors. The red section was on their right along with the blue section, which stood further away. Yellow was on their left and the orange section was above that. They stood between the red and yellow, among the four colored quadrants.

"I think I figured this one out," Mendy said.

"You, shut up," the girl stuck her finger out and pointed at Mendy. It was Robin, her voice was already becoming recognizable to the others.

"They need to sit down and talk. They need to try and get all of our memories out and . . . "

Mendy grabbed Jack by his arm and dragged him to the red colored side of the room. When she let go he looked down at the floor and at the clothes he was wearing.

"Move!" he yelled as the color beneath them flickered.

Robin yelled at Mendy but she ignored her and was busy getting people to their sections. Robin stood in the red quadrant. She wore a yellow shirt.

"Look you little . . ." Robin was upset that Mendy had refused to give her an audience. It was too late as she stared at the floor and then her own clothes.
Robin stood like the saddest statue Jack had ever seen and in a quick moment she vanished. The tile underneath her had vanished and she fell into the monolith.

The whole room was full of gasp and shrieks and one tiny voice that said, "Help".

Jack rushed over and he grabbed Robin’s fingers. They looked look fat worms that wiggled with no dirt to dig through. Jack couldn't lift her and when the tiles around her began to light up with a new color placement he didn't know what to do.

Nina screamed, "Jack let her go!"

He held on to her and stepped into the smaller area that lit up red. There were now twice as many red areas and this time there was less time before it blinked away.

"Don't let me go," she pleaded.

"I can't hold . . . you," Jack said as the others in the room scrambled to find a safe area.

Brumm! Jack only held a single arm as the floor closed back up and completely destroyed the girl. Blood dripped off his face and the floor flickered a new set of colored tiles.
They changed again. Now the spots grew smaller and less of them appeared. New colors speckled the room. They slid and dashed for one of the few spots that would keep them safe but there weren’t enough spaces.

It was when Steve that pushed George off a blue square and onto a white one. It opened. He screamed but the floor was not big enough for him to fall through. The floor held his butt snug in the tiny hole. He was the only one laughing. The others were covered in sweat and tears, their heart raced as if they were about to burst.

"Someone help me," he said between his laughter. Jack leaned against the wall were they had all gathered. They expected another door to be there across for the one they had entered, but nothing appeared.

Steve walked over to George and said, "Sorry, man. I was just . . ."

"Trying to survive?" George said. "Just get my butt out of this hole."

George took his hand and he was lifted out but he didn't forgive Steve. Instead, he began not to trust him and the urget o not trust others appeared as well.

A door opened on another wall. "Are we going in circles?" Jack didn't know who said it but it didn't matter the floor began to grow orange. Like sheep being herded for a slaughter they walked like drones into the next hallway.


"Look! The beautiful Robin. She was specially chosen for her high IQ. Robin! Robin! How do you feel about entering the behemoth of a tower?"

"Well, I'm scared but according to the many test and vigorous challenges I have the highest possibility of surviving this . . . ugly tower," Robin said as she stood outside the monolith with a small crowd. "Mom, I'll see you when I get out,” she said before blowing a kiss.

"There you have it, the one person who can finally bring world peace to the world. She was selected with the help science and computers, and if there is anything we know about science and computers is that they are never wrong," the announcer said. He wore a bright red blazer and his hair stood tall on his head. "If I were a betting man, I'd put it all on her."

Behind her, smiling was a boy tying his shoe. His name was Sawyer and as he tried to jump in front of the camera so that his family at home could see him, he had not tightened his shoe enough.
Deaths!! Are you not entertained? Two are now dead, leaving 25 people in The Monolith. Some of the chapters are long and they take a long time to edit. So if you see any mistakes let me know. Thanks again. And don't forget to check out my books on Amazon.
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