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Screw Lamp Download

I don't know if any of you remember the render of my Nail Lamp from some months ago, but this is my revision of that model, made available for you to download and use in your own 3D scenes, as an arch/viz or furniture prop. I changed it around from being a "nail" to a "screw" obviously, and added some more detail to the mesh, including a free, detailed light bulb model, which you could load separately into the lamp if you wish, or use on it's own for other lamps you might have.

The models are available as a native 3dsmax 2012 scene file (.max), and also in several scaled .obj formats, for importing easily into other applications, like Blender, Poser, or Daz|Studio. They come complete with high res COLOR texture maps, and reflection blend masks for adding additional realism to the metallic parts. All textures are .jpg format, and sized to a resolution of 2048x2048; suitable for high quality, close-up rendering. The topology is cleanly modeled from 100% quadrilateral polygons (Quads), with a detailed, but optimized poly count of just 10,802 polygons, and 10,824 verts. The .obj version of the Screw Lamp itself includes the base, socketshell, switch, shade, harp, and finial. The bulb is a separate object, which you could optionally load. The .max scene file includes the lamp and bulb together, but each part can be translated or manipulated separately. There are many material zones to each object, which you could customize to your liking.

You are free to use or modify this object as you see fit, for use in your scenes as a room filler or character prop, or any other type of situation where you may need a quality furniture item to render. This model can be used for both commercial and non commercial renders. You may not, however, resell this object, or any derivative of it; individually or as part of a package/set.

Optionally, you could also download this object from the following locations, as well as preview the wireframe renders:

As always, enjoy the model, and please let me know if you have any questions about how to integrate this model into your renders.

My previous freebie, Wooden Bar Stool and Table, can be found here:

Bar Stool and Table Download by ~LuxXeon on deviantART
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cool ,great job !!!
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Excellent work.I like the deformations on the model.And it also looks photo realistic .Thanks for sharing this wonderfull piece with everyone.cheers
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Thank you.  Your works are incredibly detailed, and your approval means a lot.  Thanks again.
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No Problem.keep up the good work.cheers
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Very welcome, and thank you for commenting.
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wow it looks like I could reach into the render and place this in my house. Good job!
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Thank  you!
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Thank you so much LX ... what a fantastic modeling job on this and what a wonderful gift.  Many thanks! :) 
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Thank you too!
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Excellent lamp!  I remember the Nail Lamp you made, which was an awesome render in and of itself, and I remember wishing I could have that as a prop, so this gift is much appreciated! :happybounce:  Needless to say, the modelling you did on this is "out of this world" good!  I can't believe you modelled the inside parts of the lampshade like that too, which is something I neglected to do in my two lamp models, because I didn't think you'd see them in a render.  But I was told by someone that having those "inside" parts to the lampshade help cast the more realistic shadows when you put a light inside there to make it look like it's turned on.  Not many people think about that part of the rendering.  Thank you once again for a really brilliant model!  I'll let you know when I use it in a render. Nod 
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Very nice! ouob
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Beautiful! Thank you! :heart:
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