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Modern Wall Clocks (free models)

These models represent three unique, contemporary wall clocks; each unique in their style and design.  Use these models to create an elegant flair and feel to any wall in your virtual world.  The models were designed as architectural decor, and static props, and each element of the clocks can be assigned different materials, if you so desire.  Each clock has been built with a balance of detail, and polycount in mind.  All three clocks together make up 27,409 total polygons, with 26,043 vertices. The topology is all quads, with support loops for further subdivision if you decide you need it for extreme close-up rendering.  However, all preview renders were created using the exact models in this package, without any topology or surface modifications.

Each clock has been UV unwrapped, and can display tileable or procedural textures just fine.  I recommend using good procedural materials, such as a colored plastic, to represent a realistic surface material for these clocks as they might appear in the real world.

These models are available as both custom-scaled OBJ files, and 3dsmax 2012 native scene file.

Alternatively, you can also download the models from the following resource locations, and preview all of the renders and wireframes:

*All preview renders were made with the Octane render engine, using a SSS plastic shader material, and no textures.

You are free to use or modify these models as you see fit, for your own projects or scenes. As with all my freebies, these models can be used for both commercial and non-commercial renders. You may NOT, however, resell or redistribute these models or textures, or any derivative of them; individually, or as part of a package/set.

*** OBJ USERS: There are 3 different OBJ files for each clock.  Each clock has only 1 material (MTL file).  You will notice that two of the three OBJ files are labeled for specific applications (Poser and Blender).  It's recommended to use these in the specific application.  POSER USERS:  The clocks with "_POSER.obj" suffix were exported with a scale conversion that will allow the objects to load, with appropriate scaling, into Poser 9 and above. To import the file into Poser, please BE SURE to DE-select all the check box options in the OBJ Import Options dialogue box.  DESELECT the "Centered", "Place On Floor", "Percent of Standard Figure Size", etc. so that no options are checked.  This will import the object exactly as intended into the scene, with proper scaling.  DAZ STUDIO users: Select "File/Import", then navigate to the folder on your hard drive that contains the models in this pack.  Choose a clock with the "_POSER.obj" name.  In the Import Options dialogue box, pick the Poser (1unit=8ft) option in the "FROM" dropdown list.  Be sure all other options are checked, and click "Accept".  BLENDER USERS:  Select the "_BLENDER.obj".  All other software packages should import the "STANDARD".

You can also find my previous freebie here:
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These are some well made models. I'm currently using one of them for my animation series on the first episode. Of course, I will credit your model once I get it up and running.
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Thank you very much.  Congratulations on your animations.  Can't wait to see them. :thumbsup:
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Again. These are great!
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Oh, they are excellent. Are the designs straight of the top of your head or are they real clocks ?
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Thank you!  These designs aren't based on any existing reference.  However, I was inspired by some of the contemporary clock designs from manufacturers at places like; and of course, the Para Clocks Project by LeeLABS.  Most of the modeling done here, in fact, employed parametric techniques, and just some traditional surface modeling procedures to finish.
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Thanks, Tony!  It's great to hear from you.  I see you've been very busy with some awesome typography and design work. Hope everything is going well.  Stay in touch!
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Yes. Thank you. Great work lately. Again, amazing job on the clocks.
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Gorgeous shapes Luxx, beautifully done :hug:
I see these I can stick in every single room I have in my runtime,
thank you so much once again for your generosity :love: 
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Superb work, as always, LX!  Thank you very much!  :)
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Nice shapes and well presented!
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btw: the clocks have to show a time about 10:10 because it looks more friendly (like a smile). ;-)
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Thank you.  I plan to model more clocks in the future, and I will keep that advice in mind. :thumbsup:
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My pleasure! I'm looking forward :-)
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Thank you!  These look great!
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Very welcome!  I'm glad you like them, and let me know if you have any questions or issues regarding the use of these, or any of my free models, and I'll do my best to help.  Thanks.
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wow these are just .. like that cool neckle - they look like real not somer ender models o0 - youre just great with that :O !
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