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Modeled entirely in 3dsmax 2012, rendered in Octane render.

In some Native American cultures, this hand-made object originating with the Ojibwe peoples, is often carefully decorated with beads and
feathers, and is said to symbolize unity among the tribes. In modern culture, when hung above a bed, is said to mystically protect the
unconscious mind from bad dreams or nightmares, by trapping the "good" dreams in the web, where they slide down the feathers into the sleeping

This highly detailed model is available as a native 3dsmax 2012 scene file (.max), and also in several scaled .obj formats, for importing easily
into other applications, like Blender, Poser, or Daz|Studio. The .max scene file contains the object in a group, but all parts are easily
accessed individually when you ungroup. This Dream Catcher model comes complete with high-res COLOR and BUMP texture maps, where needed. All
textures are .jpg format, and suitable for high quality, close-up rendering. The topology of the model is 100% quads (quadrilateral faces),
with a detailed, but optimized poly count of 65,892 total polygons, and 70,485 verts. There are absolutely no triangles or Ngons in this model,
and no overlapping UV's. All parts of the model contain UV coordinates, but not all the parts require a texture map.

You are free to use or modify this model as you see fit for your own projects or scenes; it's great as a decoration in a room, or as an unusual
character prop. The model can be used for both commercial and non commercial renders. You may not, however, resell these objects, or any
derivative of them; individually, or as part of a package/set.

Optionally, you could also download this object from the following locations, as well as preview the wireframe renders: - (Proud to say this is the only FREE Dream Catcher model available on TS).

As always, enjoy the model, and please contact me if you have any questions about how to integrate this model into your renders.

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Fantastic model! Thank you! I used it for a video