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Free 3D Model: Coconut Chair

The Nelson Coconut Lounge Chair is a classic icon introduced by designer George Nelson in 1955, and manufactured by the Herman Miller Furniture Co.  This detailed 3D reproduction consists of 100% quad topology, with 14,169 polygons, and 14,341 vertices. All elements carefully UV unwrapped, and come complete with PBR (physically based rendering) texture maps, for the cushion and base sub-elements.  The legs of the chair are also UV unwrapped, but do not require texture maps.  I recommend using a good procedural metal shader for the legs, and metallic elements.  Procedural maps can also be used in addition, or in place of, the provided texture maps.  I've also included high detail tangent normal maps, which I recommend using in place of standard bump mapping, for finer surface details.  All example renders were done in the Corona render engine for 3dsmax, using exactly the same textures provided with the model.

You are free to use or modify this model as you see fit, for your own rendering projects or scenes. As with all my freebies, the object can be used for both commercial and non-commercial renders. You may NOT, however, resell or redistribute the model or textures, or any derivative of them; individually, or as part of a package/set.

The 3dsmax file is compatible with 3dsmax 2012 or higher.  The modifier stack has been collapsed for compatibility, but you can simply bake the high poly cusions to a low poly proxy if you wish to use this asset in a game engine, or software which requires minimal geometry detail.

See WIP thread here:…

Alternatively, you can also download this model from the following resource websites, including more preivew renders and wireframes:

*** OBJ IMPORT INSTRUCTIONS: There are 3 different OBJ files associated with this model, and one MTL file, which defines the material definitions.  You will notice that two of the three OBJ files are labeled for use in specific software applications (Poser and Blender).  For best results, it's highly recommended that you import the correct file to the corresponding software application.

You can find my previous free model here:
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Cool, thank you. :)

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this chair needs special mention...:happybounce: 
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I thank you very, very much.  You are a very talented artist so your support is especially appreciated. :thumbsup:
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you are so nice.
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i love you luxy
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Beautiful, thank you so much! 
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I really like the metal and its reflections. Nice work!
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Thank you.  Tricky little model, but turned out ok.  I appreciate the feedback.
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Very welcome.  Hope you find it useful.
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Yup! Decided it's going in Cochran's House :-)
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Wonderful.  Can't wait to see it.
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Great model. Thank you for sharing with us!
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Thank you very much.  My pleasure.
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Great model!  This chair makes me hungry.  :-) 
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Thank you, Peggy! Hope you are doing well.  Enjoy.
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i can just see myself sliding off
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The chair, in real life, the chair is astonishingly comfortable; like many of Nelson's designs. :thumbsup:
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Tres bon! I admire you for skill in modelling.  This is of very best quality, I thank you!
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Great model of a brilliant piece of furniture
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Thank you.  Yes, George Nelson is by far my favorite furniture designer of the last century.  His work always inspires for it's elegant simplicity, and wonderful concept.
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great stuff!!!!!!
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Thanks, my friend!
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