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Classic Egg Chair

A free downloadable Egg Chair, modeled in 3dsmax 2012, and includes the .max scene file, and several .obj versions scaled for import into other 3D software apps. I know there are dozens of these out there already, but I thought I'd model one just to do it. I feel what separates this egg chair from many of the free ones I've seen are the details. I've modeled in the seam, and included several high resolution texture maps, which include color, specular, and bump maps. There are also two interchangeable, alternate color maps you could use to match your decor, included in the zip. The model is suitable for close-up rendering (as illustrated in this example preview), and is free to use without restriction. 9,871 polygons. 99.9% quads (only 8 tris on the base). Enjoy!

Please refer to the README file included in the zip for further instructions on how to import this model into other applications using the specific .obj files.

You can find more sample renders of this chair, as well as the wire renders, at and Turbosquid as well:

ShareCG version: [link]
Turbosquid version: [link]
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Thank you for the chair!
Banetha PinUp by Edheldil14  
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Very welcome!  Great render.  Thanks for using the prop!
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Nice render.

Your Octane renders and the textures got very good by now. Keep it up.
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That looks like a comfy chair. And the perfect room to sit in it and smoke a pipe and ponder the mysteries of the universe. :iconpipeplz::iconimthinkingplz:
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Great model, thank to you
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excellent work , thanks a lot for your share my friend ;)
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Indeed this is a classic ... beautifully modeled and rendered LX! :)
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Love the hanging lamp too.
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Great materials and textures! Especially nice work ion the seam. Is it made to scale though? I just ask because it looks a lot like the base and back are about the same length, rather than the base being shorter and the top longer.
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Thanks! Well, these type of chairs seemed to come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so I didn't really pay much mind to exact specs here. This one was modeled to scale in the sense that I modeled it in "real world" units (inches), and maintained some semblance of proportion, relative to a 6 foot human sitting in it; although it would be more or less like sitting in a half-fetal pose, which is how some people in the real world looked in a picture I saw when sitting in one similar to this one. I took some artistic liberty on the overall shape though, as this is a combination of the Arne Jacobson style egg chair (minus the seat cushion), and just some random modern chairs I've seen. A friend of mine, who imported the Poser .obj into Poser 9, said it imported nicely to where they could pose a Daz victoria model in it. I might render a shot with a character sitting in it if I have time using Daz Studio characters, or maybe a stock 3dsmax one, so folks could see that it could be used in combination with digital figures as well. However, I'm currently working on wrapping up a "Slipper Chair" freebie, which I did model closer to actual specs. Here's what they look like: [link]
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Hey, Lux! Here's my render using this egg chair. I think it turned out great in Luxrender! The textures are awesome. Thank you so much for this model. As you can see, I have also used your vase collection, as the vase in my render is one of yours. Hope you like it: Luxxeon's Egg Chair.
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oops! Spoke too soon, Lux. I got the character to pose decently in the chair, but it took some rescaling of your model to make it happen. Let no one say I am one to give up. hahaha. I'm doing a render of it now. Yeah, if you scale the chair down a bit, then it's possible to have a character sit in it fairly decently, although it could be a challenge the way the chair is shaped. I love the look of it though. I'll post the render when it's done cooking in Luxrender, and give you credit of course. Nice one.
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Lux, I tried the chair on a typical Vicki, and kobaltkween's observation is right. The seat isn't proportioned well for a person to sit in it comfortably without their feet sticking straight out. The leg part is just too long, and unless they are Shaquille O'Neal, it's not gonna work for a 6 foot human either. The back is fine, but it's the front leg part that is too far out. It makes a great furniture prop for just populating a room, but not for a character to sit in. :(
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The chair looks great!!! Excellent room too!!!
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Shouldn't it be more egg-shaped?
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This is modeled after the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair style. Do a search on Google and you'll see.
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Here's a photo of a real one. They come in many styles and varieties (with and without the seat cushion). ;)
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