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Veronica's Experience (B.E.) by LUXURIOUS-BLUE Veronica's Experience (B.E.) by LUXURIOUS-BLUE

Veronica was just taking a walk through the park on her way back from town when she caught a fragrent scent in the air, enhaling deeply with her eyes closed as she passed by.

Within a few seconds she felt a tickle on her breast, simply gave the area a quick scratch, and continued to walk. But it wasn't just an itch, her breasts were growing inside her top, brushing against the fabric as the flesh slowly filled out. She had forgotten to put on a bra when she went out, but figured it would be fine, and just threw on a thin, long sleeved, sweater instead of a t-shirt. But when she felt her breasts bouncing and jiggling more than usual, she looked down to reveal that they had quietly DOUBLED in size which caused her to drop her handbag.

She had always considered her breasts to be pretty big anyway, being a 30G cup, but even this size shocked her a little.

She looked left and right to check if anyone was looking, and then lifted the neckline of her sweater and peered inside. She gasped, it wasn't some kind of illousion, there were her breasts, larger and fuller than before, snugly filling her top. She shuffled a bit, causing them to jiggle inside her top, her eyes widening at the sight of it all.

She let go and checked her surroundings again, before sliding her hands around her breasts and lifting them, and then promptly dropping them, causing them to hit her stomach and shake.

However, she heard voices and noticed two people walking up the path in her direction. Quickly, she bent down and grabbed her handbag, subsequently noticing her jeans also felt a bit tight, and then continued to walk down the path. She tried her best to act natural as her breasts bounced and jiggled with each step, feeling self consious that she would attract attention being so big. At this point she wished that she was wearing a bra to tame the new-found heft of her bosom, to make them less obvious to passers by.

She also couldn't help but wonder if her jeans had been this tight all day, or if her butt and thighs had grown too. Regardless, she fully planned to take a good look at herself in the mirror the moment she got in the door. However, she was still a good 10 minutes away from her apartment, and being the kind of woman who always liked to have a plan, the whole way home she thought of only two things, how this could've possibly happened and how she was going to adjust to life being twice as big as before. She thought about being measured for new bras and getting new outfits, all the way to getting checked up at the doctor to make sure they were healthy. These thoughts whent fairly deep, almost as if she was ready to accept being this big, but was simply shocked as to why they grew so much so suddenly.  

Sat on a nearby park bench, a woman lowered her newspaper and smiled, then folded and placed it on the bench next to her. She then picked up a thermos flask with a strange pink vapour rising off of it and into the air, screwed the cap on and placed it into her handbag. She stood up, picked up the newspaper and tucked it under her arm. As she began to walk off, she removed a pair of sunglasses from her bag, put them on and smiled once more as she walked away with a confident feminine stride. The woman was very beautiful with modest, but ample cuves. She had deep red hair tied up in a loose bun and was dressed in a smart white shirt, grey knee-length skirt and black high heeled shoes.

A slight breeze caused an inhaler to roll off of the bench and onto the floor. As it rolled, the label revealed “Growth Inhibitor” along with the 'LUX Inc.' branding.

It would seem someone who works for LUX Incorperated likes to sit at the park, and watch as passing women grow after inhaling the subtle essence of 'Snuggles 3.0' as it fills the air. Although the mixture would not be very concentrated in such a large open space, the subtle fragrent scent is still enough to cause a bit of growth, when passing by. Certainly enough to grow from an A to an F cup. Or in Veronica's case, doubling the size of her already big breasts.


I couldn't resist drawing this after watching a clip of Jana Defi running around in the woods. Naturally the outfit is inspired by this, and I wanted to draw a longish Cleopatra like hairstyle along with it, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, even if it took several hours over a few days.

Breasts this size probably seem fairly conservative in a B.E sense, but in real life these would be considered HUGE, massive even. And admit it, you wouldn't refuse her a cuddle if she offered you one.

Heres the clip of Jana Defi on youtube, although this version seems to have music over it, rather than the original audio.…

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Jasonyuit Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017
Loving the return of Snuggles! And I guess we should be impressed by how her shirt is still tucked into her jeans despite her growth! 
oron61 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the deep red blush you give your characters, and the little story-description you gave her. Please keep it up! 
jesus55555 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Student General Artist
new watcher uwu
joeswoon Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017
You should also create a comic based off of this!!
slenderdude214 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017
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