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For everyone in LJ

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 11, 2007, 9:59 PM
So my friend Leigh, who is a member of the Friends of Luylu board, and I were talking, and we were discussing how everyone who does art sooner or later gets hit with a huge, horrible feeling that nothing we do is worth it, and we should stop drawing. And while we all also manage to get out of the funk with or without help, it kinda sucks.
So she started a lj community, that I'll help to mod, just for everyone who wants a bit of moral support, helpful technique tips, constructive criticism, and hell, even book and movie reviews to get us out of those nasty funks.

So, if you have a live journal (And if you haven't, it's free to join), come and join Art Support at :…
We don't bite!  

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Y perdon a los que faltan, pero estoy en esas...
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miketimous Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007
y en español?
luxshine Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007   Digital Artist
Ooops! Lo siento. No se me ocurrio porque la comunidad es básicamente solo en Ingles. Pero bueno, la idea es que es una comunidad en livejournal para que los artistas puedan hacer sus rants de 'nada me sale bien y soy lo peor del mundo' que nos dan a todos en ocasiones entre otros artistas que entienden que a veces, pues todos nos sentimos asi.
miketimous Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007
ah! es q yo solo habla aspañol
luxshine Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007   Digital Artist
normalmente si trato de hacer mis posts bilingues aqui... este se me paso
miketimous Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2007
el avion jefe! el avion! :P jajajaja
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October 11, 2007