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A group for fans of the GPL-licensed physically based, unbiased rendering engine Luxrender, and their beautiful creations.

We accept any high quality renders done with Luxrender, whether created in Daz Studio, Poser, Blender, or any other 3D programs.
Founded 7 Years ago
Jun 10, 2012


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Art Collection

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Digital Media

160 Members
242 Watchers
35,312 Pageviews
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I have seen some great renders by people using Lux, and I have also seen a lot of nice renders using Octane and other physically based render engines on DA. I do enjoy seeing all these nice renders, but can I ask that we include the tools we have used on future submissions to our group please? Although the group has always been associated with the Lux render engine, it may not be obvious to all viewers as it can be virtually impossible to differentiate between the results of physically based render engines.

I hope it will also make it easier during accepting submissions if we can see in the description that its confirmed the Lux render engine was used.

Thanks `¬)
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Please read both the rules and membership description for a clear understanding!

Failure to read and adhere to the following rules will result in misunderstandings and/or possible submit denials, and/or possible removal from the club:

In order to start contributing art to this club, you need at least 1 high quality Luxrender image in your gallery and then become a member. To obtain membership, click the "Join Our Group" button above. Please include 1 link to your best image rendered with Luxrender before you click "Submit Request". Requests received without a link will be addressed, as that shows you have not yet read the information available to you here. All level membership privileges listed at the bottom, please read.

If you do not use Luxrender, or simply do not have gallery images available yet, please consider becoming one of our watchers instead. This will allow you to see and appreciate the artwork as it is added to our galleries. Click the Watch button at the top of the page to do this.

Submitting Images

Once becoming a member, you can go to the appropriate folder in the group's gallery and click "Submit to this Gallery". This will give you a choice to submit images already in your personal gallery, or upload another image. You must be in a folder, as the feature folder is disabled from submission.

You can also submit from your image page by selecting the "Submit to a Group" link to the right, A window will pop up, select the appropriate choices and don't forget to select the folder that fits the image. If the group isn't showing in your choice window, select "Type a group name". Type "Luxrenders" (don't forget the "s" at the end) it will bring up this group, then select the appropriate folder. Once you start submitting here, this group *should* (doesn't always) start appearing in your choice of groups.

Upon approval of submits, your art will show up in the gallery. Approval is subject to compliance with group rules. See below in the rules section.

**If your image has been declined entrance to the gallery, you will be provided with comments and/or critique as to why. You are granted a chance to submit further images but a resubmission of that image will not be accepted unless it has been reworked meet the standard of the group.

Suggesting Image Favorites

If there is a qualified image from a non-member, you may suggest it, which will then be voted, whether you're a member or not. No one is allowed to suggest their own images to the favorites folder, as it's really a place where people are impressed with other artists' work, not to create your own statistic or popularity.

If you want to suggest your own image, it makes more sense to become a member and submit the image to the gallery instead of the favorites folder.

:bulletblue: All images and content must follow DeviantArt's TOS and mature content filter must be active on images that require it.
:bulletblue: You may not submit any images that were rendered outside of Luxrender.
:bulletblue: Please include your toolchain in the image description; such as 'Daz3d to Reality to Lux' so that all viewers know the tools used.
:bulletblue: No prejudice, discrimination, or trolling of other members of the group.
:bulletblue: Keep it respectful. We will not accept any rude comments or spam in any area of the club.
:bulletblue: No special treatment. No matter who you are, even if you are a friend of the founders, your image will be judged in the same manner as the rest of the members.

Image Guidelines
:bulletorange: Images must be submitted in the appropriate folders, we usually move them to correct folders if submitted in wrong folders, but if you make a habit of this, we will start denying them.
:bulletorange: Only great quality images will be approved. This is a group for advanced users to showcase their appreciation for and experience with Luxrender (and converters such as LuxBlend, Reality, LuxRenderDS, etc...).
:bulletorange: Images with extensive amount of post work, to where the image does not appear to have once been rendered with the Luxrender, or to where it actually damages the quality of the render, will not be accepted.
:bulletorange: Violent images will not be accepted. i.e. Blood, Murder, Rape, Suicide, intruding another person's will, etc.
:bulletorange: Bondage and/or submission fetish will not be accepted.
:bulletorange: No transgenders or hermaphrodites will be accepted. (Androgynous, with an appearence of angels or fantasy characters are an acception)
:bulletorange: Images with teens or children must be fully clothed and in appropriate situations, no skimpy lingerie or sexual type clothes. Appropriate looking bikinis are fine.
:bulletorange: Full nudity is allowed, but sexual content and displaying the genital region in a sexual manner is not. No porn, bondage fetishes, or sex scenes are allowed. Male and female touching in only an artistic and/or pin-up, and/or loving fashion will be allowed, but not in any sexual or pornographic manner. No touching in the genital region whatsoever. Topless and full nude images & sexy pin-ups will be allowed in the appropriate nude folders, which are named to the respective sex (male or female, or male and female, or cartoon folder that includes nudity). Other folders will not accept nudity. It is also up to Admin discretion of whether a nude image will be approved or not, and if it will be moved to a nude folder if submitted to any other folder.

Membership Requirements

Members - To have at least one high quality Luxrender image in their personal gallery.
Contributors - Membership requirement plus have submitted at least 10 high quality renders, Contribution membership not automatically invited, you'll need to Note the founder or one of the Co-founder(s).
Co-founders - All the above, plus must be experienced in some administrative duties, as well as have a keen eye for best quality. Must be trustworthy and must not vote according to friendship, but according to acceptance requirements. Must be active in helping the Founder as well as each other, and be fair to all members whether they're friends or foes.
Founder - Required to be active at all times, keep this group in a reasonable maintenance status, including proper organization of images, must be fair to all members and co-founder, must be fair in considerations of all members and co-founders' suggestions, whether friends or foes. Must help all members as needed and keep a smile on his face.

Membership Privileges

Members - Allowed to submit 1 image daily, 1 vote (at the time) will be needed for approval.
Contributors - Allowed to submit 4 images daily, 1 vote needed for approval.
Co-Founders - Unlimited submit allowed, no votes required. Most administrative tools access, will be able to vote images as well as membership and affiliations. Able to invite members and contributors. Able to write to the blog without votes, have more power to suggest changes then any members. This is a special privilege for helping the Founder.
Founder - Unlimited submit without votes, all administrative tools accessed.

Enjoy, and keep on rendering! :)

Administration of Luxrenders








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