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You still not accepting new members?
P.S. this is also mentione in the 'group info' box at the top left of this page `¬)
due to the original founder (blendipel) not being on site for several months, a new group was migrated to here... I then took over the group from jamminwolfie. At the time all the original members were told of the new group, and I've been accepting members and images there since then. I would be happy to accept you there as I have seen that you do good work with Luxrender! `¬)
thank you very much! i will be sure to start contributing! 
Hey guys. Sorry, I simply had no time for this in the last months. As that won't change, jammin is now admin. If that helps. Whatever.
not to worry, we all have a real life! `¬) ...just goes to show how popular the group became!
Hope the new group flourishes!