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No, I'm not back.  Sorry to get your hopes up.

This is just a quick note to let everyone know of a new deviantART club me and the guys at Crystal Plains have just started:


If anyone on my watch list is still alive, I'd appreciate it if you checked it out and maybe joined.  I won't be updating this site anymore, most likely, so anything new from me is going to be through Crystal Plains, either the main site or the new club.

Thanks for the consideration.  Keep on dreaming,


Sonic the Hedgehog Fancomic Project

Check out the new development site for news and info!

The Sonic:Legacy team is currently looking for:
* Background Artist
* Inker
* Cover Artist (position open, but will not be selected until first issue is done; see below)

See links for job descriptions.

STORY:  SONIC: LEGACY follows all our favourite Sonic the Hedgehog characters in a new, but slightly familiar, world.  Sonic the Hedgehog is a sixteen-year old living in San Francisco, going to school and hanging out with his friends.  But, his life starts to slide out of control when strange dreams visit him at night, super-realistic dreams that show him a life he can't quite remember ever having -- a life all his fans already know and love as his popular series of video games.  When elements from this other world begin to bleed into his own, Sonic knows he's the only one who can stand up and fight.

If there are any questions, reply to the thread, PM me, or email: Antipode<at>

WRITER/PROJECT LEAD: Antipode LuxInvictus
CHARACTER ARTIST: Nomad Nomad-The-Hedgehog
COLOURIST: RamenNoodles RamenNoodles518
Full staff list/info.

2006-08-08:  Here're some concept sketches
Tails (and Sonic)
Sonic again (at Nomad's dA)
Shadow (at Nomad's dA)
Knuckles sketch
Knuckles vs. Sonic

Sonic and Shadow colour test (at Nomad's dA)

I've got a list of five people wanting to do the cover now, so I should just say that I'm not even thinking about the cover artist position until we actually get an issue down.  That mean, inking and exterior background art are CRITICALLY needed, since the project can't move forward without them.

Project placed on indefinite hiatus.
For anybody who cares, I've finally gotten Crystal Plains up and on its way to being an actual WEBSITE.  Advertisement follows:

Crystal Plains MuseWorks is an internet creative community with the drive to support artists of absolutely any media.  Literary, visual, interactive, physical, conceptual, musical, cinematic...  If it's something you've made, we want to see it!  Whether it's for some constructive criticism or just some publicity, we have a community waiting to see your work!  Looking for talent to help with your next big project, or want to offer your services to someone else?  CP MuseWorks is the place for you!  We also offer free hosting to any member projects!

The main site is at

There's also about a month left for the contest Shade and I are putting on; make sure to check it out if you haven't already.
[Mirrored from my new blog:]

And not for the reasons you might think...

Roots in religious ceremony?  Check.  Watered down with commercialism?  Check.  You'd think 31 Oct would have it all together, if not for the fact that it's exactly opposite from the other 364 days of the year.  30 Oct?  "Now, Billy, don't put bags over your head, don't take candy from strangers, don't eat more than three pieces of candy a day, and don't go up to creepy Misses Jenkins spooky mansion on the hill."  The next day, what do the kiddies get told to do?  Exactly, put on a foam rubber mask, solicit candy from every freakin' door they pass on the street, and go out of their way to visit every scary haunted house in the city.  And of course, by next week, all of their loot has mysteriously disappeared.  Not right, people.  Not right.

But, believe it or not, that's not the real reason I don't care about Haloween.  Back in the day, Haloween used to be cool.  Kids had to make their costumes from scratch.  You had a time setting up your front porch as a miniature haunted house, bats dangling from your roof, a homemade dry-ice bubbling cauldron in the corner, and a makeshift scarecrow getup in which you wait patiently and unmovingly for your prey...  You had to work for weeks beforehand, but it was worth it.  Now it's all too easy.  Go to Wal-Mart and put down your green the day before (even though they start advertising for crap in JULY) and put up some animatronic motion-sensor malarky on your front lawn.  What happened to the creativity of this day?  Are you really too busy to put on a ninja outfit and a t-shirt mask and jump out of the bushes at kids.  Oh, what's that?  It's not nice to scare little kids?  YOU, my friend, are what's wrong with Haloween.  Geez, it even started as a day to ward off evil spirits by putting scary costumes on.  What has it become today?  Little girls dressed as clowns and fairies -- costumes from a STORE -- with their tennis shoes still on, reflective tape all over their bodies...

Anime cosplayers should take back Haloween.  Of all the subcultures on Earth, they would do it best.  These fanatics come home the day after a convention and start work on their ensemble for next year's.  Even when they're role-playing some prancy character, at least they're taking joy in their work.  And what's better, they don't expect hand-outs.  They can ward off those evil spirits without thought of compensation.  THAT, my friend, is hardcore.

Teach those little kids a thing or two...

Also, my Shadey and I are putting on a contest to commemorate our recent marriage.  What we're asking for is a picture of our characters, Antipode and NyteShade, doing absolutely anything.  First-place prize is a one-year subscription to deviantART (or something equivalent).  Deadline is Dec 08.  Reference pics are on our sites, but the most recent description is here:

Ref Pic:…

Quick Info: Gender: M; Race: Shapeshifter (originally
echidna); Eyes: Blue; Hair: Dark rust; Fur: Sand; Age:
67 (looks mid-30s).  3 Advantages (Physically
Unbounded, Planar Traveler, Immortal Youth); 3
Drawbacks (Always Watched, Debt, Dark Past)

Appearance: Antipode is tall and lean, about 6'2" with
well-toned muscles from gym training and a vigorous
exercise program.  His right eye is a muted blue, his
left is faded and discoloured.  His hair is a sandy
rust color, grown out into long spiked strands that
frame his face.  He is a shape shifter, and his
current form his original echidna appearance.  He
wears a cross around his neck on a chain, and is
usually not seen without his old, worn leather jacket.
Antipode's personality is somewhat fluid, perhaps
where he got his nickname from, though it's more
stable now then it was in the past.  It can range
anywhere from jocular leg-pulling to a fierce
unbridled anger; sometimes changing between the two in
a matter of moments.  He is very talented mentally,
which proves its worth in his many powers and skills.
He is a devoted husband to Nyteshade, and father to
their children.  He is willing to look past mistakes
and grievances against him and give as many chances as
possible before taking action.  He will take time to
make those actions, as he is very afraid of failure.

POWERS:  Antipode has been trained in the Order of the
Transcendancy, and has surpassed the bonds of the
physical world.  His commonly used powers include the
ability to phase-shift through solid matter,
telepathy, telekenesis, and healing.  His power school
includes any abilities or skills that 1) overcome any
limitation to a physical body (sickness, aging,
fatigue), or 2) affect a body from an outside source
(disease, gravity).  Mostly these powers can only
affect himself, though he has a little experience in
healing others.


Amarah Destrani Shadowheart
also: NyteShade Evangel
Ref Pic:…

Quick Info: Gender: F; Race: Snow Leopard/Jaguar
(crossbreed); Eyes: Lemongrass (green/yellow mix);
Fur: Black with silver markings, Hair: Black; Age:
1200 (appears mid 20s).  3 Advantages: (Divine
Heritage, Immortal Youth, Infinite Power), 3
Drawbacks: (Erratic Spirit, Memory Rewrite, No power

Appearance: Nyte is pure feline.  She is 5'6" with a
very athletic build, muscles well-toned from years of
hunting.  Her fur and hair are a dark shimmering
black, marked with leopardine rosettes flecked with
silver.  Her eyes are a swirling lemongrass, as if a
yellow and green can't gain dominance over the other.
She is very proud of her body and shows it off
whenever possible, with form-hugging or fur-baring
outfits on the higher end of fashion.
Nyte was raised a princess, and still acts like one.
She tends to look down on those who cross her, and
always considers her opinion the better one.  She acts
mostly on instinct, without much thought of
consequences or repercussions.  When she does think
ahead, it's usually in a loose plan that requires use
of her reflex and instinct.  Nyte takes great pride in
her powers, and her abilities as a huntress, and is
almost too cocky for her own good, knowing that any
circumstances that would lead to her actual permanent
death are extremely rare.  She also is sure of her
skills as a seducer, and has been known in the past to
make use of natural charm and beauty as a means to get
what she needs. She is very protective of those she
loves, especially the members of her family, and will
throw herself headlong into any danger that would
threaten them.

POWERS:  Nyte's powers come from the celestial roots,
as an earthly incarnation as one of the Ancient
Powers.  Her skills include teleportation, melee-style
energy attacks, and other offencive powers.  She can
unlock her goddess "super form" at will, but looses
much of her control in exchange for exponentially
multiplied powered.  There is a chance she cannot
return from it, but when struggling with her
willpower, she is usually assisted by Antipode.
This is it, peeps.  After posting this, I'm dismantling my computer for Leg One of The Move.  The truck comes tomorrow morning, and my family gets to their new house in Milwaukee on Friday.  I'm hanging out there and helping them get unpacked until next weekend, where the schedule for Leg Two looks to be as follows:

Thu 07 October: I stay up until 11 at night to pick Shade up at the airport.
Fri 08 October: Shade and I drive back here to Plover to sign the marriage license, making it official.
Sat 09 October: Shade puts on a pretty dress, stands at the front of my dad's church and says "I do."  I'll probably be there, too, just without the dress.
Sun 10 October: After morning services we'll head on down to Nashville, where we'll live Hopefully Happily Ever After.  The End.

Not quite sure if I'll have computer/internet next week, to be honest.  If I do, I'll be here, if not, see you when everything's good and done!  Peace out.
"Shh, can you scoot over a bit?  You're getting angst in my nachos."

Journal 017
[20050908 / 0826CST]

Yes, so.  Crystal Plains, a site that's been in my posession for quite some time, is being at long last resurrected.  There's not much on it at the moment, since what was there has been wiped; which actually was just the message board and the frontpage.  The last two days saw me going over everything about php so I could install the darn thing.  I'm grateful my fiancee, who gave me control of the site, had installed the MB beforehand, so I didn't have to deal with that, as well.

My hopes for Crystal Plains are to make it a support community for all things creative.  I've noticed too often that websites, even communities who claim to help artists and writers along, often let less-experienced members slip through the cracks.  Hopefully Crystal Plains can be a place where any creative, be it one who works with brushes, words, or music, can come and count on their peers for feedback.

Anyway, that's my hope.  We'll see how things shape up in the future.
"Maybe I should start listening when I talk." ~Cruiser

Journal 016
[20050818 / 1054CST]

First, my personal life, since I've gotten some things figured out.  I'm going to school this fall (taking Japanese 101, yay!) then this December getting married and moving down to Nashville, TN.  My dad and brothers are moving over to their new house in Milwaukee in a couple weeks -- they have a house, and are doing closings soon -- with my mom following as soon as our house here in Plover, WI is sold.  I'm staying here while going to school, then moving to a family friend's house to finish up the semester.  Also in the next four months I have to play the wedding and aftermath thereof (getting situated in a new state, et cetera).

And now, for the journal.  I am currently embroiled in a little game called Final Fantasy VII.  It's gotten me thinking about role-playing, role-playing games, the games industry in general, and the concept of interactive storytelling.

Some background on me, so some of this makes sense: I am a hard advocate of "pure" role-playing, that is, assuming a character's identity and acting out a story with a group of people.  I am so passionate about this subhect that I've been writing a book on role-playing philosophy, meant to take the dice, numbers, and structure that has come to be known as "RPGs."  I do not consider "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing (it can be, but it is not inherently), rather a role-playing/war-gaming hybrid.  This is why it ticks me off that anything called a "role-playing game" always has levels, experience points, and increasing stats.  This is not role-playing.  I role-play more in Jedi Knight II than I did do in Neverwinter Nights.

That said, I do not consider Final Fantasy to be a good role-playing game by any stretch of the imagination.  But, I have never played a FF I didn't like, and the reason for this is the story.  Square has become masters of the interactive cinema, and they have their fans and their flamers for that very reason.  No other game has been able to invoke the pure roller-coaster of emotion as a Final Fantasy title, which is even more amazing when you consider that half of the games don't use polygons, and even more don't have audible dialogue.  It's the superb writing in that dialogue, put to moving pictures on the screen, that get to your heart.  The main GAMEPLAY -- the fighting and the stats -- are completely secondary.  You could take all of the combat out and have a wonderful adventure game, or a brilliant epic film.

The genre of "interactive movie" has been trying to find its footing for a long time, especially with the advent of FMV and CD-based consoles.  But Final Fantasy has accomplished this a long time ago, ever since FFIV.  In my opinion, any game that can get away with the "Shinra staircase" scene (Going up 60 flights of stairs.  Manually.) and make it interesting my adding in the banter between the character gets top ranking in my book.  I'm not even out of Midgar in FFVII and it's already one of the best games I've ever played, and I'm a tough customer when it comes to my games.

The only question then is, why in the heck was the Final Fantasy movie so crap?  Square is known for two things: storyline and graphics.  How could they hit one and miss the other for their premiere cinematic experience?

^///^  Broke the news to my parents yesterday, and they were extremely supportive.  Even Shade's brother gave the thumbs-up.  Plans are looking like some time this December.  Wish me luck ^_^
"All of our lives are funny, babe.  We're God's animated cartoons."  -Tom Hanks, as Steven Gold in "Punchline" (1988)

Journal 015
[20050807 / 1057CST]

Yeah, so, SVT is down at the moment, so my responsibilities there are nil.  I am bored, and thus have no excuse to write a loooong journal here, which I suppose is only fair because I never update.

First, a rant: if anyone follows the walking mental hazard known as Jack Thompson you'll know exactly where I'm going with this.  It seems Jack has nothing better to do with his time then research M-rated games (yes, research, not play, because then he'd get cooties from them, ew.) and line them up in some political crosshairs if they border the line between M-rated (ages 17+) to AO-rated (ages 18+, a ridiculous distinction, purely political, as AO-games won't be carried in most retail stores).  His line of terror has stretched from the obvious (Grand Theft Auto, the "Hot Coffee" debacle) to the questionable (The Sims 2, pixelated, un-detailed nudity that you can remove the blur on, OH NOEZ!), to the nearly-ridiculous (Bully, a Rockstar game that hasn't come out yet), and now he's moving on to a Capcom title called Killer 7 (he was probably drawn by the name).  (I'd provide links, but seriously, if you haven't heard about this yet, Google is your friend.)

(paragraph break for breath)

Jack's ultimatum when targeting these titles is mostly the same: "ESRB, you raise that rating to AO or I'LL DO IT FOR YOU" (How exactly he plans to do that is beyond me).  I don't know what justification he gives to rationalise his crusade against games, since he's mostly a violation of freedom of speech.  He claims the whole "games corrupt youth" spiel that makes news reporters wet themselves with glee, yet doesn't realise the fact that kids shouldn't be playing these anyway.  He thinks that upgrading the ratings to AO, thus preventing Wal*Mart from stocking them, will prevent kids from buying them.  WAKE UP, JACK!  Wal*Mart and all them shouldn't be selling to the kids anyway!  It seems to me he should be focusing on policy tightening, not going off on some unholy tangent.

Besides, what he's really doing is garnering more publicity for these games, which will make kids want to go out and get them anyway.  If he were smart (which he obviously isn't) he would shut his big mouth and stop making such a fuss about this.  But instead, he pulls this crap.  Ladies and gentlemen, Jack Thompson is not against questionable content in video games, nor is he against retail practices like he sometimes claims.  No one who had the game industry's best interests at heart will be pulling this crap.  No, Jack Thompson is against all games, ever.  He's just looking for an excuse.  In an email correspondence with Scott Ramsoomair Jack writes, and I quote from Scott: "Are all of you gamers on drugs, or what?" (He also has atrocious grammar.)

Anyway, 'nough of that.  Geez, I'm almost too tired from all of that to keep going.  We'll do a quick run-through of my summer.

Been doing a lot of reading and writing this summer, and still had enough spare time to beat Legend of Zelda, LoZ: Ocarina of Time, and Mario 64 (120 stars) -- and, since I'm so darn musical and can't stop, I've pounded out the themes to each on the electronic keyboard beside my computer.  I read "Interview with a Vampire" and started "The Vampire Lestat," which were pretty okay, but Anne Rice's books can be very long, and not the kind of thing you want to read in a bad mood; the book will not change that.  I've also read more amusing things like Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, and squeezed in "Nine Princes in Amber" by Roger Zelazny, but the latter didn't quite click with me -- don't know why.

Writing-wise, I've gotten nothing finished (nothing of any substance, anyway, just short little quick-fics that I needed to get out of my system).  I've been working on a series called "Zephyr," based in a world I created from scratch, but it's not finished yet, and at the rate I'm going, won't be anytime soon.  I've also been co-webmaster at SonicVerse Team as I've mentioned, and we've really given the message boards a shot in the arm lately; I've been putting up a bunch of writing tutorials and help guides there, as well as keeping the roleplaying board alive and vibrant.  Things there are looking good.

School starts first week of September; not sure if I'm going yet, though, as things have conspired against me.  I'm registered, classes picked out, and everything, but my family is moving very soon.  My choices are to transfer schools, stay in the dorms (which I probably don't have enough money for), or choose something else.  Not quite sure what my plans are yet.

Anyway, my life as I know it.  Ever-evolving, ever-changing, hard for me to keep up most of the time.  Just have to trust God and keep on going.  Be back later with more material, hopefully.
Journal 014
[20050802 / 0814CST]

...this is kind of getting out of hand.  Yes, it's a shame jark got canned/fired/let go/whatever.  Yes, it's a shame the dA admin are making it this massive coverup.  Yes, it's too bad we can't get the truth ("You can't handle the truth!").  But what's with this new bandwagon that's come up?

Chris-Supernerd said it best in his journal...  :.goes to get a quote and realises he's deleted the journal.: Chris, you rube! >_<

Anyhoo, he said something about this being a huge fad among the community and how you can just make any old deviation and put the word "jark" on it and/or something resembling a yellow alien and you'll get hundreds of pagehits and favourites out of it.  The ever-loving community is blowing this way out of proportion.

Now, like I said, I want to know the circumstances of jark's departure as much as anybody.  But why flood the frontpage daily favourites box with renditions of the Probing One (capitalised out of respect)?  I had one of those things faved, until I took it off the next day.

....Aaaanyway, the contest is over, and jonechidna won.  Or, will win, rather, when he gets his submission done; he requested a couple days extension, and since he was the only one working on it, I figured, what the crumb.

More news on some of my recent projects later.  (If you were a member of the SonicVerse Team messageboard you would already know what I've been up to!  I keep everyone there up to date on my activities, and we have a load of fun with message board roleplaying, creativity sharing, news, and fun stuff!  SHAMELESS PLUG!  There, Ron, ya happy?)
If you love me as much as you should (pause for the laughter to die down...) you know that I just closed the book on "Sonic the Hedgehog: Neo Redux -- Episode Zero," released here on deviantART, on, and on SonicVerse Team fanfics.  I'm very proud of this accomplishment, as it's the first short story I've actually finished since I began my intensive writing about five years ago.

But now I have a problem.  I have no sweet, sexy cover art to go with my cool story!  I had something planned, but nothing I could draw or put together would be worth looking at, honestly.  So, I thought to myself, why not make it a contest!  "Because no one would take it, baka!" I answered myself.  Then I stuff myself into a closet and started up this journal.

The contest consists of one piece of art, with the guildelines below.  The deadline is July 31st, 2005 (extended if needed).  If your submission is selected is teh winner, it will be packaged together with my story for as long as my story is in circulation.  This includes, but is not limited to, cover pages for all printed versions, proud display on any webpages it is posted on (if available; if not, a link will be provided to the image), and integration into the future Word and Acrobat versions of the story availbable for download.  If the logistics are right, you will also receive a printed and bound copy of the short story with your cover image.  You will also gain my undying love and respect (and seriously, isn't that enough in and of itself?).  You will, of course, also be fully credited for the work you've done, and whenever possible a link will be placed to your primary portfolio for everyone to ogle.

What I need for the cover is a series of images depicting the important players in the story (I would really suggest you read it first, that might help).  What I was thinking would be a layout of six elements, faded into a black background.  The elements are as follows:

~~Element 1:  (centre) A large, cool-looking ZERO symbol, the kind with the bar through it.
~~Element 2:  (upper-left) A profile shot of Jewel.  She is a cat-anthro, has black, wavy hair and dark grey fur, and beautiful green eyes.  She is calculating, but passive, disarming, but worried.  A very complex personality, and cheers if you can capture that in an image.  If your image includes the neck and shoulders, she wears a traveling poncho with patterns of coloured triangles, similar to Mexican or Native American designs.
++EDIT:… concept sketch
~~Element 3:  (upper-right) Opacus, profile shot.  He is a black-haired hedgehog, hair pulled back and unruly.  His eyes are red.  He is completely convinced of his own strength and power, and looks down on everyone who is unworthy, which is everyone.  He wonders why he has to share the cover with other people, since he's obviously the star of the story.  If your image includes the neck and shoulders, I always imagined him to wear some kind of jacket with the collar turned up, but anything else you can think of is fine.
~~Element 4:  (upper-centre) A DNA double-helix.  Behind the ZERO, if it's too clogged.
~~Element 5:  (lower-right) Doctor Gerald Robotnik, and try not to base his appearance too much on Sonic Adventure 2.  He has a long avian nose, on which perch round spectacles.  He is nearly bald, his only hair is white and around his ears.  He wears a white lab coat.  He is old, almost like a grandfather type, his eyes are kind and framed by crow's feet.  He should look kind and warm-hearted.
~~Element 6:  (lower-left) Maria's bed, as soon from the corner of the room.  A ray of light should fall on the bed from the window, and she should barely be visible lying there.  A short description of her room is found in part one of the story, if needed.  Maria has blonde hair and blue eyes.  She should not be looking at the "camera" in the picture.

There it is.  I realise it's a tall order, but I would appreciate any takers.  Collaborations are fine.  Traditional colouring is just as fine as CG.  If you can't do it, try to find someone who would be interested in the exposure and refer them!  If there are any questions, PM me.  Good luck!

Please don't comment on the journal unless you're interested.  "I wish I could"s are not eligable to win ^^
-Darth Vader, Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith (Worst. Star Wars moment. Ever.  Good movie, though.)

LuxInvictus' DA Journal
Issue 013

[20050602 // 1117CST]
Watching: Nothing lately.  R.O.D rocks, though
Recently Saw:  Star Wars III.  Read comment above, that's all I'm going to say about it.  Don't get me started.

It's summertime.  Know what that means?  That's right, sunburn, mosquitoes, and heatstroke.  But It also</a> means that 'Pode has more time to spend on his artsy projects.  Mostly at work, because he like to slack off.  In fact, he's there right now.  Don't tell nobody.

As some of you may have seen ('least, I hope someone has...) I uploaded not one, not two, but THREE HOLY CRAP BRAND NEW deviations in the past week: a CG training piece, and both parts of FFoM: Episode Zero.  (There were two extra parts of the story, but I'm not posting those here, due to lack of interest and not wanting to clutter up my portfolio.  If you want 'em REALLY BADLY, PM me or go to my FF.n site.)  Any comments would be liked, cuz me lurves comments.

Still working, still writing, still playing Unreal Tourney GOTY, still being my good ol' geeky self.  More to come up as stuff goes down.  Or something.

AC(AE) out.
Anybody know why deviantART is handing out these free one-week subs?  Not that I mind but...  Are their finances really getting that tight that they have to entice the unwashed masses with their Enhanced Features and Large Thumbnails?

Anyway, yeah, it took something as odd is a new subscription to get me to make a journal.  I certainly can't let these features go to waste NOW, can I?  Just for everyone who thought I was dead, susprise, obviously, I am not.  Sorry to disappoint.

So, what's going on in the 'Pode's life?  Finals are in the next two weeks, and I still have projects to do for half of my classes.  I'm not worried, but it's just something I have to do.

I'm still writing:  working on Season One of the new FFoM, and a filler thing called "Chip and Cruiser in: Welcome to the Chaos Crew." (link takes you to SonicVerse Team fanfics)  It's meant to be something close to a script of a comic book, but I'm just writing it at work when I feel nothing better to do.

My drawing has really improved... somehow.  I haven't drawn much lately, but when I can finally be arsed, it turns up reasonably well, almost enough for me to start a comic or something.  But then, that time thing comes up...

I dug Neverwinter Nights out of the dusty box recently, since my girlfriend and I needed something to do.  We've been addicted to R.O.S.E Online for some time now, but they're wiping the server clean on Monday, so any playing we do before then will be pointless.

Speaking of online roleplaying, for some time now I've been looking for someone or someones to RP with.  I've only carried on a persistant story with one person, and it would be great to have someone else to play with.  Interested, PM/IM/CM me.
  • Listening to: Muse Music
  • Reading: Katsuhiro Otomo's <i>Akira</i>, Vol.03
  • Watching: FuriKuri / Ghost in the Shell
...all over again.

It's been over a year now, almost fifteen months.  Every time I see her it ignites my heart anew.  Now I can't imagine living a single day without her.

To those who say an online relationship can't work, I say 'in your face.'  To those who don't believe in long-distance relationships, I say 'shame on you all.'  To anyone who frowns on interracial relationships, I thumb my nose at you.

I am so deeply in love with you, Shade.  This distance is unbearable sometimes, but I trust in my heart that I'll see you again, and someday will never have to leave you at all.  You have my heart, now and always.

"Why is it whenever we face a life-threatening disaster together, YOU can never remember how it ends?"

LuxInvictus' DA Journal
Issue 011

[20050106 // 0835CST]
Watching: Naruto, Episode 59

New deviation submitted to scraps: Training Sketch :: Aerlie01

Oh, and Sheezy: Love it or hate it, they give you many more options than dA.  Yes yes, bandwagon and all that.

[20050105 // 1418CST]
Watching: Naruto, Episode 56 (fansub)
Listening to: The Rift Wars Soundtrack, by Keiran Yanner (website)
Reading: "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe," Book 2 of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series, by Douglas Adams

::glares at Sheyna::

Okay, I've been told to tell you all that I'm getting settled artistically.  I've got some time to burn before class starts up again, and I'm making the most of it.  I even picked up a sketch pad last night and got almost three pages of doodles, to get back into the feel of it.  Anyway, without further ado:


ART:  Skill practicing, comic style
WRITING:  Short stories, but nothing serious
ANIMATION:  Trying to put a script together for something (simple) in Flash
GAMING:  Some poor attempt at a Naruto/anime trading card game

And one last thing, something that I doubt anyone will care about, but it's out there anyway: If there's anyone willing to enter into a joint project partnership, I'd be more than willing to talk it over.  Only three criteria are: 1) something written, drawn, or animated; 2) you don't mind if it's poorly done, takes some time, etc; or 3) there is no criteria three.  It doesn't even have to be my idea, either, if there's someone out there who needs help having their idea realised, don't hesitate to ask ( you will be helping, though, don't think I'm your lackey X_x )  Frankly, all my ideas are too grandiose for me to even think about right now, even though I've got more ideas than I know what to do with.  So, if anyone needs help with an idea, or wants to help with any of my ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me.

By the way, I've recently found the magic that is fansubbed anime.  I'm currently watching Naruto and Bleach, and might do fanart for them.  Probably not, but maybe.


~~Mah Peeps~~

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"Wow, I wish I could sucker four morons into patting my back and tell me I'm pretty every time I screw up big."
-Black Mage, "8-Bit Theater", by Brian Clevinger

LuxInvictus' DA Journal
Issue 010

Games of the Week:  Half-Life, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: They Hunger... et al

[20041201 // 2320CST]

New deviation submitted: Presentation Intro for School to Scraps.

[20041125 // 1307CST]

Happy T, everybody!  Project list update:

College classes (FINALS WEEK!)
tbd, the webcomic (buf-production)
   { drawing, writing, promotional }
Learning Flash animation
   { for short cartoons, etc.  If anyone knows Flash and is willing to give hints... ^^' }
Website production
Writing Projects
Online Roleplaying

Freedom Fighters of Mobius
   { I just couldn't put it up with it right now, I need a break indefinitely }

[20041109 // 1501CST]

This is the page I'm going to keep up to tell you guys why I'm not updating anymore for a while.  These are all of my projects, cirricular and otherwise, in no particular order:

COLLEGE!  (a big one)
Freedom Fighters of Mobius
tbd, the webcomic (pre-production)
Half-Life (see above)
Trying to get better at Unreal Tournament GOTY
Lots of other writing projects
Watching the first season of Naruto
the holidays are coming up, like I have to tell you guys...
learning GIF animations
learning MXFlash

HERE's what I did last night.  I don't really count it artsy enough to post here.  But, that's the only drawing I'm going to do for a while, apart from getting my comic off the ground.  More on that as it develops.

I'll probably have to cut some of that back, since I have way too many ideas and not enough time in which to do them.  I should REALLY start a production group, but I definitely don't want to have to worry about that now.

So... see you as I get things done.

Ja ne.

~~Mah Peeps~~

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"Edwardo is God's gift to the ladies."  "I'm not a lady."  "Edwardo is not God's gift to you."
-Jinsoku (as Edwardo), from the skit "By Your Powers Combined..." from the MobiusForums

LuxInvictus' DA Journal
Issue 009

Games of the Week:  Sonic SatAM: Epoch, for the GBA  (Website)

[20041025 // 1951CST]

Ignore previous journal entry.  I took down the link to the website, because I'm having trouble getting everything put back together.  I chiefly use FireFox, and everything looks different on IE, so I have to retool some things.

En uh-thur noos: I got 148 votes and placed 4th in the FanFic category at the Sonic Site Awards yesterday.  I'll probably be able to enter next year, and I'll definitely get a better score.  Count on it.  Thanks to everyone who voted!

[20041012 // 1450CST]

I'm putting a website together, a collection of all my creative works; kind of an extension of this dA site.  Shade and I were having problems with the customer support people, though, because of the little problem of not being able to upload html files.  So I found a temp server in the form of my university webspace.  Anyone wants a sneak peek they can go check it out here, or click the website button at the top of the page.



"Your first million words are merely practice..."      -David Gerrold</i>
As of 20041010:  261,793 / 1,000,000

Freedom Fighters of Mobius</i>
Sonic the Hedgehog: Neo Redux
4th Place Runner-up for Best Fanfic 2004 in the Sonic Site Awards!  Thanks to everyone who voted!

Chapter 19: Shift  TIME, Part 2
In progress...

Chapter 18: Paradigm  TIME, Part 1
Read the excerpt on dA
Read the full chapter on FF.n

~~Mah Peeps~~

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~TO:  The readers and subscribers to LuxInvictus' deviantART journal~
~FROM:  Sheyna, the Reluctant Muse~
~RE:  Lack of creative material / updates in general~


To those it may concern:

As the source of the creative properties of this small collection, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies on the current lack of material being generated.  With the onset of school activities and wanting to gallavant with his friends, my charge has disregarded any and all of his creative projects.  (And this recent glue-sniffing incident is another matter entirely.)  In the past, I will admit that I was the unwilling party, which has perhaps attributed somewhat to his becoming disinterested.  But I do also realize that as the muse (read: creative genius) it is my duty to rectify the situation.

Rest assured, these actions will not go unpunished.  I am not going to allow my young charge to occupy his time with mere journal updates about his so-called life.  Just as he has locked me in various boxes and jars and being forced to cooperate, so too will he now be.  Unfortunately, there are no boxes and jars large enough, so I have resorted to the second-best.  A strict schedule will be drawn up that my charge must abide to, lest severe consequences be given.  Works of art and/or writing will be pounded out of him (with physical force, if necessary) until progress is made.

Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the coming attractions.


Sheynarra Townsend
"Life's like a movie, write your own ending.  Keep believing, keep pretending.  We did just what we set out to do, thanks to the lovers, the dreams, and you."
-Final thoughts from Kermit the Frog and the rest of the crew of Jim Henson's The Muppet Movie

LuxInvictus' DA Journal
Issue 008

Games of the Week:  Monster Quest, Pokemon Fire Red

[20041004 // 2048CST]

t h ere    a re  glue stic k  s    at  my   worrk.
    they s mell    l  i ke   fr o  ot  loops.

[20041001 // 0023CST]
Listening to: Franky's Dream ~Power Megamix~, Captain Jack
Current Status: tireddd...

Stayed up late to finish a programming assignment, and finally finished, just in time to upload chapter 18 of Freedom Fighters to FF.n  Just barely made my personal two-month deadline, too.  w00t for me.


[20040929 // 0800CST]
Listening to: Baby Give It Up, Captain Jack
Current Status: (•_•)

So for my English class I need to put together a portfolio of my writing, even out of class stuff, to show the prof how we're advancing with our skillz.  The first time we submit it (Oct. 14) it counts for 30% of our total grade, and then again at the end of the semester for 50%.  Not that I'm worried at all; if she liked my scribble-down paper to think it publish-worthy I should have no problem.

I got all my writing together for the past five weeks, roughly since school started.  I came up with my FFoM chapter, a short story I wrote that's going to my gallery soon once I can figure out some formatting, part of another FFoM chapter, my English paper, some essays for my website, and this dA journal.  34 pages, 10,334 words, approximately.  And I still have more to do before the 14'th, like finished Paradigm this week.  I'm no lolly-gagger!

[20040928 // 1809CST]
Song in my Head: Gone, tobyMac
Current Status: I'm all right, you?

So, today was good.  Good grades in my classes, my writing is progressing, albeit slowly.  Hmm... no philosophical revelations today, really.  Nothing to talk about.   ...Wow.  How incredibly neutral.

~~Mah Peeps~~

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ROGER: "In every TV show I've watched about hobos, people always underestimate the hobo, then in the end, the hobo ends up being wise and insightful."
NEAL:  "In every TV show I'VE ever watched about hobos, the hobos are violent, alcoholic, homicidal PSYCHOPATHS."
ROGER:  "...What the hell have YOU been watching?"

-Roger and Neal, Jeffrey Rowland's When I Grow Up

LuxInvictus' DA Journal
Issue 007

Games of the Week:  No time for games... Have to study Study STUDY...

[20040923 // 1832CST]
Song in my Head: Beautiful Day, Sanctus Real

Guess who's getting published???

I got that English paper back I was telling you about.  It seems my teacher liked the DRAFT so much she's suggesting I publish it in the elctronic reserves for the university and use it as an example for future classes.  I uploaded the draft to my scraps, so you of the internet could give me some feedback.  Let your voices be heard!!

[20040921 // 1521CST]
Current Status:  Hooray for me!

Frontpage update:  Website button for my FF.n site.

I have found Adobe Photoshop CS on my school network.  Let me tell you, for someone who's been using Pixia, the substandard knockoff of photoshop, there is now no contest in my mind.  I have made four full-size web banners, and the mini frontpage button, in the amount of time it would have taken me to do ONE on Pixia, taking into account the downtime for crashes and whatnot.  I'm going to keep using it as much as I can, and maybe buy a copy of this artistic marvel (for reduced school prices, of course >_> )  For anyone I've ever told that Photoshop sucks, I apologize.  Now I see what you guys were talking about.

(Not that saying Pixia is entirely useless.  It helped to teach me a lot of the concepts of using a high-end art program, so I wasn't completely lost going into the jungle of toolbars that is Photoshop.  So, Pixia is still cool.  It crashes a heckuva lot, but it's still cool.)

[20040921 // 0919CST]
Current Status:  DREAD.


Got a history test today.  Not exactly sure how hard it's going to be, since it's a book report essay thingie-ma-job.

It's struck me this semester how many smokers there are.  I don't seem to remember this many students smoking before, when I went last fall.  Now I have a watch who I'm walking behind on my way to class to avoid being poisoned.  Why do people still smoke anyway, it's disgusting... bleh.  All that cancer-stick rat poison is going to destroy us all with air pollution, mark my words.

~~Mah Peeps~~

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