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8 by Luximus17


(keep an eye on the slots in case they become open again)

Guess who's making a hobby of vendoring at conventions! THIS GAL!!!
I have successfully managed to get myself into different conventions this year as a vendor artist! Sometimes I'll be selling on my own and sometimes I'll be with a friend. But I have loads of different products to sell to you guys! Check them out!


Queen Crackle by Luximus17  Fellowship of the Legends by Luximus17 Capper by Luximus17  Stand proud [Print] by Luximus17

Pies by Luximus17   School 6 by Luximus17 

Sunburst by Luximus17
Sisters by Luximus17Royal Corns by Luximus17  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee by Luximus17

Stevonnie Universe by Luximus17 Garnets by Luximus17
Princesses by Luximus17


Aj by Luximus17  Dashie by Luximus17  Pink pone by Luximus17

Rarity by Luximus17 Flutters by Luximus17 Twi by Luximus17

Shimmy by Luximus17 Starlight by Luximus17  Tempest by Luximus17

Derp by Luximus17  Vinyl by Luximus17

Ship by Luximus17    Punk Rare by Luximus17

Luna by Luximus17 Tia by Luximus17Ruby And Sapph by Luximus17 Sapps by Luximus17


Twi butt by Luximus17Starlight Butt by Luximus17Shim Butt by Luximus17 Rarity butt by Luximus17Pink Butt by Luximus17Dash Butt by Luximus17
AJ butt by Luximus17Flutter butt by Luximus17Scootie Bloom butt by Luximus17
Dis Butt by Luximus17Sun Butt by Luximus17Moon Butt by Luximus17
Derp Butt by Luximus17


Ponyville Ciderfest: Oct. 26-28

1 by Luximus17

8 by Luximus17

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7 by Luximus17

8 by Luximus17

Slightly updated commission sheet. Feel free to contact me via DA or Twitter if you want one!

1 by Luximus17

2 by Luximus17

3 by Luximus17

4 by Luximus17

5 by Luximus17

6 by Luximus17

7 by Luximus17

8 by Luximus17

Commissions are open once again! Which means I'm either broke or I'm too lazy to go out and get an actual job. Ya'll know the rules! Hit me up privately (via Twitter messages, DA notes, or email) if you want a piece of your own! I'll be taking up to 10 slots per round. Thanks!

Number of slots left: 10

So you're probably wondering what's up with the sudden activity going on. WELL LET ME TELL YA! I just got back from Ponyville Ciderfest, had a great time with the gang, and had a talk with some of my friends and family about becoming a vendor artist at conventions. And they all happily encouraged me to do just that! So because of this, I've been pounding out some works of art that I'm gonna potentially turn into prints to sell at different pony conventions. I'm not sure where I'll be going to in a bit, but I'll let ya'll know where I'm heading so you can grab one of these pieces from me personally ^^

As for the products themselves, these are what I'm gonna be selling....


Stand proud [Print] by Luximus17 Fellowship of the Legends by Luximus17

Moon Horse by Luximus17Sun pony by Luximus17 Ash Ball by Luximus17 Capper by Luximus17
Princesses by Luximus17
OC Print by Luximus17

More to come....


 Shimmy by Luximus17 Twi by Luximus17Dashie by Luximus17 Starlight by Luximus17 Rarity by Luximus17Flutters by Luximus17Derp by Luximus17 Tempest by Luximus17

More to come...


Coming all the way back from BronyCon, I give you the first episode of Allister & Melody!
Allister and Melody poster by Luximus17

"Two heart sick aliens with severed heads in the race of their lives on a planet full of "ugh." Stay tuned, magic is about to happen...pun intended...muwuahhahahahahahugh."

Created, directed, produced, written, animated, and edited by :iconluximus17:

:iconantonyc: as Allister
:iconluximus17: as Melody
:iconsweetie-bloom: as Sally
:icondustypony: as Randy
and many more on the way!

Many thanks to
:icongwennyr: - Writer
:iconrainbowbright1127: - Writer
Spiral Harmonies - Musician

Promo here

"Allister & Melody" will be premiering on the Reviewing is Magic (RiM) panel hosted by AntonyC as an exclusive guest animation. If you can't make it, the whole panel will also be recorded and posted later on Antony's channel for everyone to see. We'll see ya there!…

(it might take a while for it to load XP)

And so it begins...
I'M GOING TO BRONYCON THIS YEAR!! WOOOO!!!!! You get to see me in my most awkward form if ya'll are going! XD And I actually have a plan for when I get there! I'm in the process of drawing prints for each of my idols throughout the pony fandom. I'm gonna keep a mental list here of who I'm gonna hunt down for autographs and such. These are some of the kids I'll be hunting down ^^
Tony Pony by Luximus17
 Dusty by Luximus17 

Gabe and Michelle by Luximus17
(More on the way ;P )
Does anyone know how to make good backgrounds!? Or is anyone willing to help with my show in creating backgrounds? Anyone? o.o
Yo, take the Dazzlings and Sunset Shimmer from EGQ and draw them as The Heathers and Veronica Sawyer from Heathers the Musical. And then take the song "Candy Store" and draw it according to each character. That'd be so awesome to see!
College is gonna bite me in the but on student loans and stuff. Any small help is appreciated, thank you! <3 ;P
So it's that time of year again! VALENTINES DAY!....And quite honestly I'm a little disappointed in some people across the wide web. The most I've seen about this day of love is everyone's more upset about being single that it's rare to see some people who are celebrating with their significant other. It's like the internet turned into one huge YouTube Comments world.

So what's my word on this whole business? Well that's the thing. I'm single, but you don't see me complaining. In fact what I'm doing is celebrating by giving everyone hugs and art and candy and all those nice things just cuz I wanna let others know that they are loved as well. There's no point in wasting your time just hoping to find someone one day or sitting in the corner thinking "I'm just meant to be alone." My advise is if you wanna be happy today, then go share some joy. Go be that person who cares for that lone wolf in the corner, do something nice for them, say hi and give them a hug. I can tell you now that spreading love will come back to you tenfold one way or another.

It might sound easier said than done, but it's absolutely true. And so if you don't have someone to hold you close tonight, go out and be that caring person for someone else, or just do something that makes you happy! Go hang out with friends, let them know you love them as much as they love you! Go hug your parents or siblings, they deserve all the love too! Go out and be happy ^^

 Image result for charlie brown valentines day
we take all the characters in Hamilton and replace them with brony analysts?
?One of these things happened again, so here goes nothing XD
Thanks to Aubergine100 for the tag <3


1: Write the rules or copy and paste them.
2: Write 13 things about yourself.
3: Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions.
4: Tag 13 deviants. (THE PAIN!)
5: Make sure they know that they are tagged.
6: Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
7: It's forbidden to not tag anyone.
8: Tag backs are allowed.
9: If you don't make this tag in a week, you HAVE to obey a single wish of the person who tagged you.

Cinnamon or butterscotch?
Cinnamon, but I wouldn't mind some butterscotch in the pie ;)

What is your spirit animal?
Sponsor Eagle cuz why not? XD

Do you have any ocs? (original characters) If so type them below  
Oh, this one's a list XD
    Allister, Melody, Sophia, Benji, Max, Mackenzie, James, Angelica, Becca, Madana, GonGon, Nicodemus, Cheddar and Queso, Sean, P.I.P., Mr. McLoughlin, Mr. Howler, The Virus Army, Supernatural Hunters, Zin, Max's Sisters....and that's about it for now XD

Favorite song(s)?  
Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

Any pets?  

On a scale of one to ten how would you rate yourself personally as an artist? 
8 I guess. Art takes up a huge chunk of my life XD

Your opinion on chocolate?
It's pretty neat

Favorite anime?  
    Kill la Kill (I don't actually watch anime XD)

What 7 personality traits define you best?
Fun, Smart, Talented, Hard-working, Forgetful, Confident, Can't speak words right XD

Do you have a favorite YouTube gamer?
Jackaboy :bademoticon: 

Do you have an fav otp? (one true pairing) if so type below  
Allister x Sophia (MAH BABEHS!!)

Single or in relationship?
If you knew today was your last day to live,  how would you spend it?
Tell all my friends, hand down my projects to people I trust, then just eat Cheezits and watch YouTube XD

Okay, my turn
1. Favorite thing to watch (TV show/movie/ect.)
2. Who's your idol?
3. New Years Resolution?
4. Favorite past time?
5. Any good books?
6. How was your 2016?
7. Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?
8. Favorite video game?
9. What do you draw?

I tag JeffKyler14 RainbowBright1127 Gwennyr AnticularPony Sonicrules831 Shadow4one Fancy-Toons98 EStories MelodyPonyArtz AntonyC (Ya'll can ignore this if you want, I really don't care ;P)
First of all, I wanna thank you all for 500 watchers! Holy Lord that's a big number! You guys are way too kind to me. So much so in a way that I feel like I haven't been repaying you now nearly as much as you all deserve. So Imma give ya'll the rundown of what's to go-down.

Sunshine Sunshine was a success (thank God)! And I plan to make more animations like this in the future. However, me still being a high school student, time is of the essence and determination to complete projects like these is even more so. But along with animations, I'm going to try and learn how to do animatics/storyboards as well. I am currently working on an OC animation that I don't even know if people want it or not. Which leads me to my next point.

I still don't have a clear answer about this one, but would you all mind if you were to see both ponies and OC's? Because that's what I've been basing this Deviantart page on. I know a huge chunk of you guys wanna see ponies, and I can respect that, but I feel like these characters should also get some light too. 

Speaking of ponies again, I plan to draw A LOT more bronies in the future. I've been on the hype with Antony C recently and I apologize if that seems a little annoying to some people (I get excited, shuddup XD), but I certainly plan on making not just sketches, but full out coloring for a bunch of them. So be on the lookout for that!

And actually, I'm becoming MUCH more active on Twitter thanks to some friends of mine. From there, I will try to post a god majority of my sketches and save the good pics for websites like Deviantart and Tumblr. You can go follow me here and send me messages and tweets too! I get lonely sometimes and I don't mind if any of ya'll have any questions or just wanna talk for a little bit ^^

I don't know if I'm going to do commissions anytime soon or not. At least as like a sale or something. But I will keep that commissions thing an option, so if ya'll want something drawn for you by me, send me a message and we can talk about payment and all that stuff later. 

For those of you who are over on my Tumblr and are wondering where the heck Septic Quest is, I'm SO sorry for not keeping up with it. I feel like my passion for it has slowly died down and now it's just sitting there. That's the trouble with these big projects. You procrastinate A LOT and in turn you lose interest. I don't know what I'll do with it in the future, but just hang in there.

I think that's about it. Thank you for your time! <3