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Metro burg theme

A Windows 8/Metro inspired Burg theme.
Burg is a graphical bootloader for GNU/Linux.
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Greetings and blessings friends, I get an error, the theme.txt is not here, I rename it and it still gives me an error

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Hi, can someone send me the icon template (in PNG format) for Metro Burg? It is to make icons. Thank you!
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Manny thanks for this great work.
gr8 theme. But how do I add icon to Kali Linux? Also, for some reason I had to add windows manually to boot menu using custom menuentry. So, windows also shows "OS" icon like kali. Please help.

Update: To add kali as avalid OS, I followed tartexs comment. It worked. I just need a good icon for kali. I got one from this guy's theme "…". It is a modified version of metro theme. But I still need a better icon.
Also, Windows problem is not solved.
Anybody have made icons to OpenELEC or Lakka. I only can see "OS" icon for this systems
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Hey lumozas.. I made it for you, link.
thank you so much. wonderful
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Anybody know haw to add the title to each boot entry preferably where the text is in burg-emu.
guys help........... I'm  new to linux........... when i try to install this theme it says there is no "theme.txt"
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hello, looks great, i added linux mint logo, and disabled reboot and halt (don't work in my computer)

in the file theme comment

/*menu {
 Reboot {
   command = "reboot"
   class = "restart"
 Shutdown {
   command = "halt"
   class = "shutdown"

to remove shutdown entry

to add linux mint icon, in file ./icons/icons edit and add    

-Mint { image = "$$/normal_mint.png:$$/hover_mint.png" }
-linuxmint { image = "$$/normal_mint.png:$$/hover_mint.png" }

copy this to icons folder

Hello, I followed your steps to install linux mint icons for OpenELEC and lakka with icons prepared by m4r1nh0 but can not get me the detected Metro
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how i can add a linux mint icon??
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Here I've made the icons…

Just extract them to /boot/burg/Metro/icons and configure burg
Como lo descargo?
y como se instala
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Now this is gorgeous, only if it was or could be added to the Windows 8 system. That would be great.. Thanks for the programming idea :) 
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Really awesome. Also, u could create a tutorial on how did u do that. Not many of us know how 2 create a BURG theme. And i could nt find a tutorial at all!!!
that would be really helpful. Pls consider...
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Looks great! Молодца :)
How do I install this? I'm dual booting ubuntu 13.04 and windows 8
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Hey man, this is by fat the most beautiful BURG theme I've used. Since i use an Arch based OS I've made a few icons for arch and memtest. Here's a preview

Would be great if you added them to your theme. Here's a link to the icons.

Also, the shutdown tile doesn't seem to be working for me. I've removed it by following what you've said in the previous comments but is there a way to get it working? Thanks!
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