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Commission status: OPEN

So first of all I would like to thank for every response sent.

Thank you~!

I closed the poll around 1:50 AM on Feb 23th with 372 unique responses.

Top 3 monstergirls voted were:
1. Succubus
2. Kitsune
3. Slime

None love was shown towards Ogre (3 votes) and Baphomet (6 votes).

Top 3 kinks voted were:
1. Transformation with 92% of voters
2. Transgender with 75% of voters
3. Hypno/Mind Control with 50% of voters

Least favourite kinks were Macro (42 votes) and Bloodplay (24 votes).

Nearly 85% of you want to see some... hotter stuff from me. I will deliver that for sure :3

Also got looooooots of fanmail! You guys really love me, don't you? <3

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We do love you, as we love your work. Also go Kitsunes!
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Groovy052Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great idea 
nice results, lets do it again some time.
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Least love for Macro, though got 42, at least to know there fan of shrinking stuff, like me, hehe Giantess to are great, lol.
Man, poor slimegirl to make 3rd, though I forget what else I voted for atm, at least people who voted for the other two got their pick, hehe
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Yay for kitsunes
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GobboKillaHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Well of course we do!
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98SparkzHobbyist Writer
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sonicexcelHobbyist General Artist
All da love.
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Love love <3
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