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Luxa's TT Special 2016 - ENTRIES CLOSED

By Luxianne
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Transformania Time is free online Multiplayer Transformation game. In this event you will get chance to be changed into amazing forms from the game! All forms created by me are in, also as guest appearance you may see forms done by Aurora Ryall.

Be sure to check the game! -

Registration: 7th January - 21st January [CLOSED]
Posting of works: 1st February onwards

If you need more information feel free to send me note.

How to register?
1. Send me a note with categories of your choice (TG / Anthro / Animal / Inanimate).
2. Decide if you want to participate in experiment if you have chosen animal or inanimate categories.
3. To get Anthro TG please select at least TG and Anthro.
4. Provide me references of your character. The more the better.
5. Wait till I will provide you with paypal address information. To fully register to the event you have to pay 45$ for 5 step flat sequence.

:star: - bonus step

1. :iconmrduhad: TG, Anthro :star:
2. :icontharkis: TG, Anthro
3. :iconmegamanred: Anthro
4. :iconinfuscomus: Inanimate, experiment
5. :iconjoenomrc: - TG :star:
6. :iconlockark: - Anthro
7. :iconjoodoo: (Judoo) - TG, Anthro
8. :iconjoodoo: (Arrhae) - Inanimate, experiment
9. :iconjoodoo: (Mizuho)
10. :iconjoodoo: (Tempest) - TG, Anthro, Animal, Inanimate, experiment
11. :iconjoodoo: (Eric) - Inanimate, experiment
12. :icondezblade: - TG :star: :star:
13. :icondezblade:  - TG :star: :star:
14. :iconemptyplz: (Rora)
15. :iconsandrock0325: - (Jess) TG, Anthro :star:
:iconsandrock0325: - (Cow Jess) Inanimate, experiment :star:
17. :iconemptyplz: (Nitter) - TG, Anthro
18. :icontf-wizard: - Anthro
19. :icondeiser: - TG, Anthro :star:

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The wait is killing me! But I'll be patient, I promise.
Dezblade's avatar
You know what, put me down for two again. I'll send a note on category and stuff
Luxianne's avatar
Will be waiting for it :3
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I might be interested in this. I realize that the results will be random, but could you maybe give a few examples of the forms from each category?
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Normally I don't even give hints about forms in event, but this time you can actually check all the forms available in . Everything that was drawn by me or Aurora Ryall will be randomized for the event.
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Aww, no slots left?  Darnit, I knew I shouldn't give so much money to Judoo ^-^
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Slots aren't limited, the registration is still open.
joenomrc's avatar
This is gonna be cool
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So I can pick a category, but not who/what I change into?

also, do i have to pay right away?
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Yeah, exactly. You are just picking category or categories and sending me a ref and I'm doing rest for you :) For more references about how it works you can look up previous events.

Payment is necessary to be added onto list. The registration is open till 21st January.
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I sent payment to participate in this.

See my note.
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I would like to enter into this with the anthro category. 
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Please provide references via note. After that I will send paypal address to you! =3=
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Yay more Lilith fun time ill let you know later what ill have :3
MotherDuhad's avatar
You know I never pass up a chance for one of these!
Put me down for any TG or TG Antrhro. Payment and information have not changed since the last event. <3
Luxianne's avatar
You are on list :3
MotherDuhad's avatar
And you have been paid. :)
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