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Luxa and Mizu Halloween Special 2017 [closed]

By Luxianne
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Spooky! It's this time of year again! In this event I will be drawing together with :iconmizuhotf: again!

Registration: 29th September - 10th October 2017 22:00 GMT+1 [CLOSED]…
Posting of works: 30th October

If you need more information feel free to send me note.

How to register?
1. Send me a note with categories of your choice (TG / Anthro / AR / Animal / Inanimate... or if you want to be completely surprised select random!). Remember that you can select two or more categories if you want - to get for example Anthro TG, TG AR or even Anthro TG AR.
2. Choose who will be the artist for your sequence - you can choose Luxa (80$) or Mizuho (40$).
3. Provide me with references of your character. The more the better.
4. Provide me with your paypal address information. After a while I will send you payment request. To fully register to the event you have to pay 80$ or 40$ (plus bonus steps if chosen) depending on artist of choice. You will be rewarded with 5 step sequence drawn in style you see on this image.

:star: - bonus step
Donut - paid

1. :iconinfuscomus: Donut Inanimate
2. Nightcon [FA] Donut TG + any of the other categories but inanimate
3. Nightcon [FA] Donut any of the categories but TG
4. :iconjoodoo:
Donut TG+Anthro
5. :icondeiser:
Donut TG+Anthro
6. Austin
Donut TG+Anthro
7. :iconsoulfeaster: Donut Random


1. :iconroyjoe: Donut AR
2. :iconmrduhad: Donut :star: TG or TG+Anthro
3. Nitter [FA] Donut  TG+Anthro
4. Prowler7 [FA] Donut :star: Inanimate
5. SkyCharger [FA] Donut Inanimate
6. anyonymous user [FA] Donut TG+AR+Anthro
7. :iconjoodoo: Donut TG
8. :icondeiser: Donut TG+Anthro[ => human]
9. Austin
Donut TG
:icondanishdarkdude: Donut Inanimate

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