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Super Rainbow Dash - 5OUL OF H4RMONY (2016)

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Published: January 23, 2016
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“I know what you're going to do to me if I join you. If I lose to you, even. You're just gonna brainwash me like you did to Twilight. Brainwash me to the point where I'm not even myself anymore, just like how she acted. Only when I did knock some sense back into her was she herself again... So with that, you think I'm gonna let my life be taken over by you? You think I'm gonna take this life for granted?! Huh?!”


“...Hmph. You're not holding back, in other words... You know, I went through a lot fighting your puppet down there. I realized that I was holding myself back... Now that I'm here with you, there is no way I'm gonna hold back either!”


“You know, Discord,” she said, calmly, with a resolute frown. “There's something else you should know. Not only are you seeing the Flame of Harmony in front of you, but you're seeing something else as well. Something that is on display. Not just for you, but for all of Equestria to see as well. I didn't understand it back then when the signs were there, but...”

Looking down, she put the side of her hoof on her chest.

“The Elements of Harmony. They didn't just power me up to this. They also brought out something from deep inside of me. In fact, the Elements gave their power directly to it, and it, in turn, bloomed inside of me to make me this... Now I know what it is that they brought out, and it’s ready to undo everything that you did.”


“For the sake of all of Equestria, for the sake of every single pony that you've affected, your game is over, Discord!”

Gritting her teeth, she crossed both of her upper hooves in front of her face, forming the letter “X.” Summoning up as much power as she could, her entire body then shook wildly.

“Here with you...”

She then let loose a long, loud growl from her as her power continued to increase, as her body became lighter and stronger. The same amount of them that she had when she became angry at Twilight before. Soon, everything reached their high point, and all Dash could feel now was the urge to explode to a great degree.

She swiftly brought down her hooves and screamed towards the dragon ahead.

“...and my soul on displaaaaaaay!!!”

~Except from the final chapter of "Harmonic Spectrum." Read it over at…


Art done by sheandog. Text by me. Uploaded with permission. DO NOT REUPLOAD.


The poster version of this: 5OUL OF H4RMONY 2016 (Full ver.) by Klonoa-Dreemurr


Jonathan Underdown/Daiki Kasho - 5OUL ON D!SPLAY, main theme of Gran Turismo 5. (C) Sony/Polyphony Digital. Links to the song can be found on my main page.

Rainbow Dash is the trademark and property of Hasbro.
Super form concept by me.

Original 2012 poster:
Super Rainbow Dash - 5OUL OF H4RMONY by Klonoa-Dreemurr

Other "5OUL" Posters:
Lux Klonoa - 5OUL OF TH3 W!ND by Klonoa-Dreemurr
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Thundy-RStudent General Artist
This is very epic!
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Socket78Professional Artist
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DestinyDecadeHobbyist General Artist
Now this is a big improvement. Beautiful.
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Wait.....this was ACTUALLY from a fanfiction?! I thought it was from a mix of DragonBall Z and "Here with you" song from a racing game? But all the way back then there was a FANFICTION OF IT?!?.....................................Has anybody done a tribute song or a fan song based on any of it?
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You've been living under a rock, I see. Yeah, I started writing "Harmonic Spectrum" back in 2012 right after the season 2 finale and I themed the whole story on the Gran Turismo 5 song. Took me two years to finish it, and I've hoped to get it on Equestria Daily as well, but it never came to be due to their extremely high standards and apparently you also had to gamble for the right pre-reader to like and accept your fic as somebody once told me on

Despite that, though, Super Dash grew popular anyway just due to me commissioning and requesting artwork of her on a constant basis. As well as getting the animation of her from TehJadeh.

As for fan songs based on the fic, not that I'm aware of. But it would be nice to hear more covers of "5OUL ON D!SPLAY," both in tribute to Super Dash and in tribute to Gran Turismo overall. Kazunori Yamauchi, specifically, since GT is pretty much his heart and soul poured into it. =)
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Well I wasn't under a rock per ce but I was born n raised ovberly Christian home and didn't experience the world (bronydon included) until 2010 so I am still learning a lot and I do actually remember TeJadeh making that picture for you and everything about it but I never knew it was actually a fanfic is what I meant.
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...Uh, you really didn't need to tell me where and how you were born. o_o

Perhaps I should've said, "out of the loop," instead. Hm, whatever.
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yup, I'm pathetic that way ^^
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Nice one
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