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Thank you everyone who gave me any form of a gift, even if that gift was just saying happy birthday ;o; You guys are too great, especially these people: 

Scancilen For her lovely drawing to me + DA points + robux on roblox + a lil animation she did... I think I got it all?? ;v; (you do too much for me, girl. You need an award for greatest person) (o crap, edit, she gave me cake on DA too lol)  (Edit #2: SHE ALSO MADE ME THIS COOL LIL THING IN ROBLOX TOO AHH)

xXMsEleaMaXx For doing a drawing of me which is ABSOLUTELY amaziiing~! <3

And then LinaGaby @ Roblox for doing a Steven Universe drawing for me which is so beautiful~ ahhhhh cx 

Ya'll should go check them out because they have AMAZING art and are just great people. THANK YOU EVERYONE I'm 16 now, so time to go get into car crashes

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Scancilen Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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