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Untitled (Little Christmas Poem)
The stockings were hung and we had had our fun
this Christmas was not like the rest
It's us by ourselves, we've built some new shelves
this Christmas I truly feel blessed
& I'm not talking to God,
flee the thought of that fraud,I stand infront of something that's true,
and whether it be just for now, or I linger here forever
the one I'm infront of is you.
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Introduction: Rhia Foxxwood
'From a tender age, I knew I was loved. I could feel it. They would murmur it with funny or soft emotional faces every day, until I grew to obtain the knowledge of words. Then they would tell me.  
   'From an early age, I felt I was different. Every child experiences it, but I didn't exactly feel like it was within the ways or experiences inwhich I did.
'Steven Warner was an okay kid. We often would share juice boxes by the blue slide during recess. No big deal, but we were friends. Until one day, I felt like I saw him for who he really was, or rather, who he would turn out to be. And it was a shame, because only at the age of eight did my Unbeknownst take control for the first time, and decide to pass judgement.
'That day, we were sitting beneath the chestnutt tree, which usually had some other flock of much cooler kids hanging around it, but for whatever reason that day, there wasn't. Pogs were popular then, don't judge me- and we decided to compare, as most children
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Truth was....
The truth was, I didn't want to relax, I didn't want to settle down. And I sure as hell didn't want to be sober. I wanted to feel free and with you, as I once did, seemingly not long ago. When I would catch you trying to sneak looks and possibly fantasy. I missed the rush of feeling accepted amongst so many others, I was finally this character I had always mindfully practised to be.
      I wanted sex in public places because we were so high with emotion and lust. No words, just sounds, gasps and cries. Cries that let you know that I wasn't just another harlotte. That this was real, despite such a decision so quickly in meeting. And despite coy and innocent behaviour,  you didn't hold nearly as much control as you thought.
You opened me to crave certain addictions, ones that still so strongly linger and prod. You've settled down, and I love you, but I am still so restless .
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So Hungry
We started to kiss, but it was more of an attack as I remember never having my hands clamor so fast and surely. We then were tasting, as if it was some sort of vicious, animalistic race to see who could devour who first. I finally had to pull back; I had to breath, but he wouldn't let me. So I wouldn't let him, and grew even more hungry.
"I want to…- I’m going to fucking devour you.."
He bellowed, almost roughly as he then broke out of embrace, and began to move down.
"So hungry…"
Kiss after soft, slow dragging kiss, I felt my stomach flutter uncontrollably.
"Then eat."
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I bought you a beer, I got your text
It couldn't be explained, the immense embarrassment he felt.
"It wasn't meant for you. I meant a different Simon."
The boy's expression long lingered, as if expecting him to know he should have left right away; annoyed.
And as the words fully registered, all he could do was muster a nod of petrified, and all together, confused acceptance. He understood perfectly, he was used to this. After all, a night out with friends definitely seemed too good to be true.
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Sweater Weather Rendition
...And all I am is a girl
so I’ll keep digging deeper; hide myself from the world
Don’t like them sweets, big ice or pearls
Not one of those plastic high maintenance girls
Tug the sleeve of your sweater
I wanna feel closer
to the sound of your voice
emotional roller coaster
touch my neck and I’ll touch yours
yeah you love those little high waisted shorts oh~ . . .
He don’t know what I think about
and what I think about, he won’t know
not now, one love; two mouths
just don’t find out, all the things I doubt
everything inside that you wouldn't want to figure out, no . . .
‘Cause you’re too bold for me, dear
for now, just let me hold both my hands in the holes of your sweater
And if I may take a chance, step back to breathe
darlin’ you’re just too much for me
at times y’know I just don’t know what to say
from you I need to get so far away from
but only for that moment to realize I want you more
This life is such a cho
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Fix Me (Glaciers)
Fix me
write me off and then to bed
my head is spent
you bewitched me
with eyes of high-up ended glaciers
When we merge
I instantly feel safe
away from all the matter
free fall back and let spines shatter
The snow will fall better with you around this year.
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Bird Song Rendition
An old friend, like a bird flu by
and I felt my chest flutter like her wing
and she started to sing
Sing- she sang of the missed years
asked how I had been
And in that moment I wondered why
I’d been living not caring if I died
I had grown to be cold
So hostile and thin
And if I probably could I would do it again
I begged her
Come now quick, inside the house
I’ve all these problems; pour them out
into your ears, you’ll know no doubt how
sad I’ve been, I roam about
I don’t know who I’d rather be
The one who flaunts nothing or ‘Look at me!’
I take too much should throw it away
But God only knows how much I’d miss it today
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Freestyle lolz
Traded in them tits for ribs
it don’t feel as nice though
we got the minds of savage kids
not willing to be happy with ourselves
and express what we already know
So I guess I’ll sit here n’ spit
Like I’m hot, like I’m the shit
to get away from how I really feel
gonna drown my mind in somethin’ real
fuckin’ dangerous, but not too much though
I wanna get mine
fuck that money up before I go, yo
(Go, go . . .
Go) to the highest
supplied with the finest
of greenery in the world
letchur mind unfurl
to the side thats feelin’ you the most
And coast.
Tryna live the dream. That’s alla’it.
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Long Live the Queen
      And as the two individuals of immortality finally parted ways- perhaps even after hundreds of years of fighting for something, that neither one could really explain anymore, she stopped, taking a moment to watch his broad frame almost fade out and away into the distance. And as the last little bit of inked colour from the last little peek of his flesh existed visible, Elizabeth could proudly say, that for once, this time, this final and one last time, she would be okay. After all, a man was a man, and her husband was her husband. This meaning, one would have certainly been too lazy to pack all of his belongings himself. And she didn’t want him looming around any longer; causing only more anguish and grief.
His laziness would fair him well this time surely, she heaved to herself, swallowing back the lump of disorientation that crept its way from her stomach to the middle of her throat.
    Her children were further than grown up and on their own. In
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Sara-Bet 02 (Jacqueline Smith Photography) by LuvSyc Sara-Bet 02 (Jacqueline Smith Photography) :iconluvsyc:LuvSyc 1 0 Chow Su by Jacqueline Smith Photography by LuvSyc Chow Su by Jacqueline Smith Photography :iconluvsyc:LuvSyc 4 0
I feel Frosty
You walk tall with your boots n' spurs, but it hides how lonely you really are, much like the perfect spread of make up, plastered across a chiseled face so full of fake fuckin confidence even the head douche bag of the football team is fooled. You get by Julian, but how far? Far enough to make it home, wipe off the lie and then do what? Sit with poised composure while you try so perfectly to roll that green little self saver of whatever real confidence and belief in yourself that you have left. Crush up and or swallow the little yellow pills of relaxed sunshine and waste another lonely night water-logged, sitting just on the outside of dank depressing reality. No matter how much you put on, you won't ever escape whats really underneath, what's really there, waiting. What's really you.
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Lion boy
Weep little lion boy
the comedown now has brought itself to head
Sleep little lion boy
you've yet to hit the soft kiss of your bed
I beg you now, it's time to drown
down down come on just go to bed
Can't bare another early morn'
your roarin' is just too much on the head
But this is all your fault this time
and it is your life on the line
Can't take your life and play these crimes
you scare me half to death
until there's nothing left...
Smarten up young lion boy
you damn well know you can't take anymore
You're withering my lion boy
we've never seen you act like this before
Tame yourself and find something to
occupy your mind while you restrain
yourself from all the bad thoughts and
the voices that are living in your brain
But its all of your fault this time
and it is your life on the line
I hope there'll be another time
we do things clean again
This is an awful sort of climb
right now I think its best if I
stand back with heavy hearts; decline
This is your own path now not mine
We'll ha
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Like hot water, pouring down and over the width of my shoulders it hit me. But I could have sworn you had told me, 'forty-five minutes...Mmh'maybe an hour." Followed by that new smile in which I wanted to trust with all of what I had left.
I saw him leave the living room, much like a game character, and shortly disappear around the wall's corner. Nikolas grinned at me, with that devious, and yet all in the same pause, playful expression, and all I could do was nod-or correction, that was only what my mind intended for me to do, instead however, I found my cheeks bursting with the sting of a fierce smile, followed by an out burst of sudden giggling, that of which I could not control.
Was all I could really muster, refusing to stop covering my mouth with a now heavy and hot feeling palm. The more Nikolas laughed and kept staring at me with those big annoying eyes of his, the more happier and hysteric I became.
     "And now..." He exhaled, refusing to break such an intense eye
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The Twist
She was too wasted to close the window as they sloppily took to the small, cornered bedroom, filled with the mess of a thousand, perhaps, neglected up and coming novels. Let them hear, she thought to herself as she felt the fluttering of her pressed into loins become more hot, within the intoxicated and corrupt mind that now lead her actions. Friends, family- let them hear, let them see. She was the infidel for now, until of course, when she would awake the next morning- the mirror, to yet again remind her of who she was, had been, and what she had now become.
He held a certain gesture as she then looked up at him, the room, and all its surroundings spun; her skin a flame- how she hoped it would last, but of course, those were the drugs talking. As they had been all night long, hence her all too familiar situation at hand. But something about this one felt different. Unlike so many others, she could feel him, like something almost unexplained. But she would have to take that rising fee
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by Aliryuu

Right off the bat, I must be honest, I was completely captured by the look on your characters face. Very drawing, as well as mezmorizin...



:iconmisfits-e4: :iconhellsingers: :iconmorethansexy: :iconladygaga-fc:



Сара-Бет Макинтайр
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
I enjoy writing, the occassional doodle or photoshoot.

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Been in the great North this past week and a half...Been winter cabin camping...snow machining, Ice fishing...and drinking... a lot :P I guess it's the only way you know you're Canadian. I've never flown before, so the ride over here was to say the least, interesting, especially since we got drunk on the plane as well LOL
Had a shoot before I left for ONT, just got the set of 15, and should be uploading them whenever I can get the fuckin things to unzip....god damnit i hate zip folders..even as a child in school....-just, FUCK ZIP FOLDERS.

Lotta other shit is new too...But I haven't the patients or desire to give you all a run down.
Ta for now~ Off to drink more Smirnoff and Key Lime Cherry


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