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Cookie Lover Stamp

By luvlybreeze
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katamariluvHobbyist General Artist
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Every time my mom makes a batch of butterscotch chip cookies, I often end up eating one too many at a time.

There's just something about those butterscotch chips that make me so addicted to those, maybe, the taste itself or something? I don't know.
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kittyrainbowfanStudent Digital Artist
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melissafer19Hobbyist General Artist
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LadylollypopHobbyist General Artist
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EvArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
I'll be making meringue cookies tomorrow, I really love them x3
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....I want a cookie right now, but I don't have any around me....Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] 
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CrystalStarArtNightHobbyist Digital Artist
Same, but I'm fasting, which means no eating or drinking all day until night time :iconcookiemonsterplz:
DragonPyra1319's avatar
Oh really? Well meanwhile, I'm still on my quest to find the most delectable, delicious cookie out there! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]   
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CrystalStarArtNightHobbyist Digital Artist
I'll wish you luck for it XD
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CrystalStarArtNightHobbyist Digital Artist
until Cookie Monster finds them first XD
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CookieCanisZHobbyist General Artist
LOL Cookie is my fursona's name, :D
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AJXP66Hobbyist Traditional Artist
me too. :3
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*Put this stamp on my profile*
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NoodlesTheMagicHobbyist Digital Artist
now i want cookies... *goes to get cookies*
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MinecraftArchitect90Hobbyist Interface Designer
Eating some cookies right now. Delicious! :D
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i like cookies.
my favorite is... oatmeal cookies.
*prepares to be slaughtered*
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candylabrumHobbyist General Artist
don't worry your not alone! ^^'
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frighteningfairytaleHobbyist General Artist
I love cookies, but sadly I burn everything like:

1. Oil

2. Milk

3. Water

4. I almost melted my house by attempting to make oatmeal cookies :(
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It's my favorite word. Whenever I come across a blank, I'm tempted to fill it with "Cookie"
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barnowlgurl23Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love cookies
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