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Void Termina (Character Challenge 1/100)

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I'm starting my own self-imposed art challenge to get over a huge art hurtle I've had lately.  I'm so afraid of posting unrefined, unpolished stuff to my gallery that I never post anymore, despite the fact that I'm still actively drawing irl.

So for the next 100 days I'll be drawing a video game character (I've already organized and randomized a list) and posting it here, no matter how good/bad the picture is.  The important thing is that I do it on my tablet and that I do 1 picture every day.

Coincidentally, the randomizer I used sorted Void Termina as my first character.  I'm pretty lucky that I got such a difficult prompt for a weekend drawing (this is my first time drawing them).
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This is pretty awesome looking!
Good luck with this! :D
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Thanks! When I was younger I used to be so bold about posting whatever I drew on here. I think it'll be good for my learning if I allow myself to be less polished and more experimental again.

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oh yeah i relate to not wanting to post unpolished stuff despite the fact that i'm still drawing offline. usually it's because i'm procrastinating on finishing something i'm already working on lol