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jungle book thumbnail

By luve
this was a thumbnail. it is tiny.
was for a thing. didn't finish. jingle buk.
this is what DA gets because i haven't finished ANYTHING in FOREVER.

kurkters belong to rud-kip.
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Redqueenswrath's avatar
I love this, it reminds me of ancient cave drawings!
sirjosh9's avatar
Mowgli's cute at that age, I kept that was nice that Baloo and Bagheera spoke for the boy to spare his life.
chotabear's avatar
This is so sweet in its simplicity. Especially love Baloo's expression !!!
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LukeRocks's avatar
Baloo is huuuge!
sirjosh9's avatar
He's an Asian Black Bear.
Great work! I love it. What do you colour with?
whitetree-nimloth's avatar
This is wonderful! I love the colouring.
Zanoffee's avatar
A great little piece.
cobayanigiri's avatar
I like the style, it reminds me one specific cartoon edition (not the Diney one which I don't really like).
chocsox's avatar
you are super talented! it looks like your using water colour, is that right? i'm illustrating a book at the moment. i wish i could draw like this for it :\
Tiiniuw's avatar
You don't know how much I want to read Jungle Book right now. :) I'm still amazed how simple this work is and still so.. well, amazing. This proves that not all artwork needs to be overly detailed or realistic to be beautiful.
Keronu's avatar
I love this, I love your style, it's simply gorgeous! I love your take on it, the simplicity is gorgeous, and it has so much character.
Yulian-Ardhi's avatar
Really like the style!
Looks really cool. Well done!
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Kata's avatar
Love it :) the composition is very nice
brushtail-thegreat's avatar
aw man this is beautiful
White-Tean's avatar
Oh, it's very pretty and nicely done with a lot of cool detail for a thumbnail. Very cool, I'd start listing all the individual bits I like about it but it would just be the whole darn thing.
donella's avatar
ahh this is too cute!
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mosslamb's avatar
I'm in love with it, ok. :heart:
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