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On the Nicest Mornings - edit

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high school portfolio
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mrbushongHobbyist General Artist
I'm reminded of a show many years ago called maple town
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DemonDaydreamerStudent General Artist
The moose really stands out - so cool!
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This is amazing
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SO CUTE! Reminds me of The Sylvanian Families, but the SF is not as realistic as yours! :D
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Wow I like the lion paticulary
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This is great! It reminds me of my old fairytale books
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wow, that is sooooooooooo awesome! How long did that take you to draw??? I love like woodland creatures and stuff so this is really cool!
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i like the light colors... it looks like a storybook!
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MarzipanappleProfessional General Artist
This is the cutest thing I have ever seen on deviantart.

I'm so glad that someone else wasn't scared to pair a bear and another animal together!
That gives me confidence. :D

Lovely work.
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DSS-DogsportHobbyist General Artist
This is a nice piece. You've captured some really nice expressions and posses. You can almost hear the conversations! Thats now two of yours in my favs!
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Oh, oh, I own Comet's Nine Lives! I'd never heard anyone talk about it before, so that's very cool. And this art is very cool too! I love me some good, classy anthro art.
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Fabulous picture; there so many people!
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TigrisTheLynxHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like it's straight out of a book lol very even use of color and ink, the figures look evenly shaped. Most of all, I fav'd this for the old 1910 feeling it gives. My favorites are the tabby cat and terrier playing marbles, I didn't notice them there until I really looked closely at the image.
Yeh, I agree that scanners are a pain, mine always look grainy when scanned and then turn blurry when shrunk in photoshop, so it really cannot be helped. But amidst the blurriness, the brilliance shines through. :+fav:
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It so reminds me of "Comet's Nine Lives"..
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my good god this is gorgeous. <3 very very well done.
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I happen to have that book, Comets Nine Lives, and I happen to think it is an excellent book :D

I also happen to think that this is an excellent picture :D
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Eeee, I love this so much X3 I think you're the only artist I know of who does anthros quite like this. It's so beautiful the color palette you used and composition :D Wonder <3
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HEE! I love.. THE MOOSE. XD This is amazing... I could stare at it forever. (sorry my comments suck right now, but I really looove this!)
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This is gorgeous, I love how there is so much going on in the picture, all the different characters with their different personalities all seem to have something to do - there's so much to look at and its so interesting and captivating! This looks like it could be an illustration for a child's picture book or something, it's so lovely and sweet. I think my favourite part is the little ones sitting on the floor playing... is it called jacks or something? That game that children used to play :b

Oh, and have you tried altering the colours using the hue/saturation option [if you have photoshop?]? I found it can be useful as you can change the brightness of only a certain area of colour, say for example if you wanted to brighten only the blue areas in the picture. I often use it because for some reason my scanner likes to turn brown into red >;\ so it might be worth a try!
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SpecterePrimeHobbyist General Artist
I love the scene! It reminds me of a Sunday morning, when everyone's in a good mood, plesant. Great picture
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Comet's Nine Lives...I used to read that book over and over when I was little. And books by Miss Potter too.
This drawing makes me think of those two things. The best kind of Anthropomorphic creatures around.
This is amazing, and lovely. So very inspiring too.
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This is beautiful!!!
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pokketmowseProfessional Filmographer
This is honestly one of the most charming pieces I've seen here on DA. I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell you to make a book. =) +fav from me and I hope you keep up the wonderful work.
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The interaction is so well done. ._.

And the goat and bear couple are so gorgeous. X)

The clothes are so pretty too...
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