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Hi there!

I've decided to make it a point to be MORE social on this site. This means stuff like:

  • Responding to comments
  • Responding to follows
  • Responding to Likes and Fav's
  • Leaving comments

In terms of responding to followers that one is a low bar. Responding to Likes and Fav's? That one I find weird. If someone likes my work, awesome, but writing a thank you on their wall? Actually saying it makes sense, but the only thing I'm worried about is... catching up.

Okay, check out the work, more coming soon.
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I had an art show recently, and I don't know why I didn't pimp it here. Damn.

In any case, the art for the show is now on sale on eBay! ONE WEEK ONLY! GET YOUR ARTWORK NOW!…
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OK, no time for talk! FOR ONLY 4 HOURS, all skateboard 50% OFF! GET ONE NOW!

They haven't had a sale on decks in 3 years, so get one NOW!!!!!……

Use this code for the discount: FFHSSKATEBRD

2010 Skateboard Designs by luvataciousskull
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I'm not much of a writer, but I did want to express some of my thoughts on this:

FREE EGYPT Poster by luvataciousskull

The image above is the poster I created after hearing and seeing what was going on in Egypt. To some degree, the fact that I love my home country of America so much, and everything it stands for (Freedom, Democracy) made it more real for me. The fact that they had someone who ran their country in a "State of Emergency" for 30 years, rigged elections, stole from his people... it's essentially the American Nightmare.

On January 25th, 2011, the people of Egypt took to the streets to protest against a government that they felt was false. They demanded that their "president", elected in fraudulent elections for 30 years, leave office immediately so that they could have truly free elections and a government that they felt really reflected their concepts and values.

While many of us can't fight in the streets with them, I wanted to do something to show my solidarity with them and give myself and everyone else a chance to show their support as well.

I created this because, for me, the events in Egypt is the embodiment of what freedom truly means. It is simply inspiring to see the events in Egypt, and I am proud of the people of that country for protesting peacefully. They have taken to the streets, to their cellphones, and social networks to cry out, speak out, and cry out against the tyrants in their land!

They want democracy, TRUE democracy! They want the same rights and freedoms we take for granted daily, and for that I greatly support them!

About the Free Egypt! Merch I'm Selling

I wanted to put my image on Zazzle mainly to see if anyone would buy any of it. The fact that its done so well is AMAZING!

Largely because I don't feel right profiting off this, I'm donating half the money to Doctors Without Borders. They do some great work and I would love to help them out!

You can get merch here if you want to wear your support. But trust me, just donating to Doctors Without Borders alone would make me smile!
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I'm selling a few prints of my tour posters on eBay right now, and the auctions end next Sunday, January 16th.

Each print is a measly $25, and each one is on 80lbs vellum paper stock and looks GREAT! Not only that, but you can also help out a worthy charity!

10% of all the profits will go to The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! Yes, the CBLDF! The First Amendment Right group for Comic Book artists and cartoonists!

Up for auction are my Gig Posters for Obituary, Between the Buried and Me, Devin Townsend, Anvil, and Municipal Waste!

So go to eBay and BID BID BID!!!!…

Mature Content

Xecutioner 'Obituary Poster' by luvataciousskull

Municipal Waster Tour Poster by luvataciousskull

BTBAM Tour Poster by luvataciousskull

ANVIL Tour Poster 2010 by luvataciousskull

Devin Townsend Tour Poster by luvataciousskull
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