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We're Watching You

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"We're Watching You" - This message brought to you by the U.S. Department of Terror

This is the first poster in a series of propaganda posters made for The Department of Trepidation, an organization dedicated to helping and informing the public of what their government is up to.

You can view the full site here: The Department of Trepidation

I originally drew the camera-vulture a year ago, and the idea itself is based on a photo of a bunch of photographers in Africa trying to get the best shot possible of a dying boy. It was a sick image, but one that the photographer taking the photo wanted to convey, and it hit a nerve with me.
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...Big Brother is watching over you. Hell, Patriot Act allows them to do it... and this President, promising to destroy it during his campaign, then claims it's the "related legislature" that needs fixing, not the Act itself. Then of course, he allows it to be extended. Not that Romney is any better (as Judge Napolitano put in one of his last shows, "Ask them the same questions and they give you the same answers but in a different tone"), but folks that looked for "Hope and Change" got next to nothing. Oh, don't forget he first said he'd veto NDAA, but then signs it. (His old "opponent" McCain is largely responsible for the NDAA's haphazard clauses btw)
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I'm not american but I've been in New York the last week
... too much cameras...
And we had to answer to stupid questions like "[...]are you seeking entry to engage in criminal or immoral activities?*" 2month before going in Us XD
here (at step3) -> [link]
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...who in their right mind would answer "yes" to that question???
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maybe someone who just want to laugh... but customs are not very funny so I don't think that is a good idea. or a very, very nice terorist who wanted to put a bomb in the plane but he didn't know that is not allowed so he answer "yes" and go take the boat.
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