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We'll Ban Soda Before Cigarettes

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"We'll Ban Soda Before We'll Ban Cigarettes. We care about your health." - This message brought to you by the New York City Department of False Health.

This is the sixth poster in a series of propaganda posters made for The Department of Trepidation, an organization dedicated to helping and informing the public of what their government is up to.

You can view the full site here: The Department of Trepidation

I've never been one in favor of banning things, and to me, soda isn't that bad, its just what's been done to it over the last 30 years, such as high-fructose corn syrup and all that. Soda has been the center of every public health witch hunt during the past 5 years.

The fact of the matter is that while banning soda may sound good to a few people, there's still the insane amount of fat and sugar in everyday food. From cakes to hot-wings, to even the sugar content in rice, we're consuming more sugar than ever. As Jon Stewart of the Daily Show said, you can get a giant plate of hot-wings an a bowl of cheese, but if you dare order a 32oz soda, they have a problem!

Not only that, but what about cigarettes? If the City of New York, and Mayor Bloomberg, care so much about public health, why not go ahead and band cigarettes?

Me? I'm not in favor of banning anything. Adults should be allowed to decide for themselves what they do to their body. Yes, you can start bringing up the issue of how someone with little to no health care getting sick because of their lifestyle means we all pay more, but isn't that part of the price of freedom? I'd rather have freedom of choice than a nanny state.
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Hey, hey, hey? Why? Smoking, drinking should be a matter of personal liberty, did you not say so? See, I come from a third world country where almost everything is banned. So I know how even the symbolic act of banning is so destructive.
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I'll fight for soda because I perfer it instead of booze which I consume it along with Milk, Tea, and Water just like normal people.
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Define 'normal people.'
According to reports, worldwide, beer is the third most favorite beverage right after water and tea. So in which normal people's defense do you speak?
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Why place a ban on anything? I thought America was suppose to be free.
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Exactly. Have an apple pie.
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They did just raise the age for buying smokes (the law was a Bloomberg, but didn't come into effect until now). 

Ya know, instead of banning them. 

Way to ageist, Bloomberg. 
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Mayor Bloomberg is an idiot. I agree with you, as adults we should be able to decide what we want to do with our own bodies.
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Ban cigarettes but no banning soda.My Malta is to good to be taken away
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ban cigarrettes but don't ban soda it tastes soooooooo good
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I don't drink soda, so it really wouldn't matter to me.
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oh my gosh lmao
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Hey now, I like my diet coke or dr.pepper 10 with my cigarettes. Just saying
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Go anywhere near my soda, and I will bite your hand off.
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OMG I was thinking the exact same thing.
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First off if the people want to become obese,smoker,drug addict, alcholic and a freakin daredevil who decides to piss off a bull or something. Fine!! But when it comes to medical problems healthcare let them pay for themselves, not the taxpayers. Why would i pay for someone's bad choice of being unhealthy? I rather pay for someone who got medical problems beyond his/her control such as being victim of second-hand smoke or got hit by a drunk driver. If those type of people can pay all that money to fuel their bad choices then i sure as hell they can pay for their surgeries in the future.
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Well I believe they are wanting to ban soda simply because there are people who are addicted to it. I believe caffeine and the fizz just makes it so craving.
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unnecessary, controling laws are just a silly way to show who's the boss
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It's so depressing to see people who constantly promote the idea of the cradle-to-grave welfare state and then are shocked when 32oz soda is banned as though they have no idea how we got here. Make no mistake, this is only the tip of the iceberg the closer we get to socialized healthcare. Once everyone's health becomes everyone elses responsibility, the state has not just a reason to, but an obligation to legislate their subjective and often flawed health impositions.
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Suddenly craving a cig and a dr.p...

I enjoyed reading your views on this :) keep the great work up!
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...I just fought with my dad about his banning of soda...I won and I get my soda... I will fight with the government for soda LET ME KEEP MY RAMUNE and cola
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And there I was thinking America had learned it's lesson from the last time they attempted prohibition on a substance.

Where I'm from, our former government had a similar mentality - we used to refer to them as the nanny state too! At the end of the day they would talk about cracking down on alcohol, cigarettes and gambling and paint themselves into being righteous people, but all they did was increase taxes so that they got more money from it! Then spent the money on more advertising telling us how wonderful they were and everything they did they did was for us.

Just do what we did. Election time. Vote the bastards out!
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That would only work if America was a democracy.;p
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banning cigarettes is one thing (namely for secondary and tertiary contact reasons) but soda..... it's my body and if i got obese from soda then clearly i'd be at fault for choosing to drink too much of it :V
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*whole lot of sarcasm here*

you at fault are you insane?!
Don't you know you're suppose to sue people for purposefully marking soda to you with the intent of making you fat and then NOT telling you it will make you fat!

I had to comment on your comment just cause not enough people have that mind set (and I applaud you for it), rather they have the one above!
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