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Truth at Any Cost?

Well, there's quite a bit about this one...

This is Julian Assange. As you may or may not know, he is the man behind Wikileaks. What is Wikileaks, you ask? Well, that depends mainly on who you ask.

Some people say its a massive plan to take down the American Government. Others say he's a hero for pointing out what the US Government is doing.

In actuality, Wikileaks has been around since 2006, and no one has been credited as the actual founder. In fact, Julian Assange is on the advisory board for the group, and has served as the face of the organization. Its also worth pointing out that Assange is actually an Australian Journalist, so he can not accurately be called a traitor or someone committing treason in the US.

Within in the past 2 weeks, the site has exploded after exposing the US Diplomatic Cables. The single best thing to come out of it, the one thing that, more than anything, I'm glad to see come out of this was the fact that the US Government has, in fact, LIED about the threat North Korea posses.


When I created this piece, I didn't have a fully-formed opinion about Julian Assange or Wikileaks. I just had questions. Is he a hero or a villain? Is what he and Wikileaks doing truly the right thing? Does it cause more harm than good?

In the end, I still don't know. What I do know is that this reminds me of Emmanuel Goldstein, the Enemy of the State in George Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty-Four. The vilification, the charges against him... it doesn't seem real.

This piece isn't in support of him, nor is it really against him, either. Instead its just me trying to get my feelings out about this.

The one thing that makes me scared about this, about all of this, is the threat this may pose to free speech and dissent in America. During the Bush era, everyone was afraid of our freedoms being oppressed and of the government crushing dissent. Now, someone has released something showing the problems with the way the US does things... and they are trying to shut him up.

That, more than anything, scares me.


The photo of Julian Assange comes from Flickr User espenmoe (Espen Moe), who I greatly appreciate for allowing everyone in the world to use: [link]

The Wikileaks logo comes via Wikileaks themselves and is used under a Creative Commons license of free use with attribution: [link]

Also, as for use of this image: NO COMMERCIAL USE AT ALL WITHOUT PERMISSION. That's about it. Otherwise, enjoy!
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Some time ago, I kept thinking if key for eternal peace and harmony amongst humanity isn't in totally free information flow for all people. Literally all existing information for all existing humans. Everything for everybody about everybody. No secret anymore for any individual or state. No lie possible.

Would it lead to eternal Order or complete destruction in Chaos?
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Truth sometime costs pain
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Just a note: No, this is not some crazy Illuminati Symbol! If you think so... dude, you're nuts: [link]
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I believe he should be admired.

Espionage Act or not, he should be admired.
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I don't think they should lock him up, they should shoot him and be done with this piece of shit!:D
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Just saw on RT that he was granted political asylum in Ecuador. I just hope the UK doesn't try to apprehend him on his way there.

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." -George Orwell
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Pro or Anti-Assange?

I am pro, I don't see what info he could have found, that could have put the people in danger.

Locking him up is pointless, if you know these laws of the net:

Rule#1: If you can hear or see it, it is no doubt that it will wind up online.
Rule#2: The first rule is to remain true for all time, no legal action can change that.
Rule#3: This isn't Legality or Morality we are talking about, it is the untold 3rd inevitable thing we can always count on.
hey would you like to feature this on
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Definitely! Just let me know when and where it is on the site. :)
Heya! just go to the site and submit what you want! we will email you once your work is online!
The site has been approached to do an interview with so I have put the call out to the current submitters to create some art for the interview! Submit some work and i can send you the details RE the interview! Good chance to get your work seen.

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Yes, but only is the truth, is true.
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The issue I have with this art is the fact you put such a strong message in your description to completely take away from what I got from the piece itself. If it isn't either pro or against, then don't pick a side in the description. That goes against the message you are trying to portray.

Also, I swear I'm going to go crazy if I have to read another 1984 comparison with the US government on the internet.
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"Is he a hero or a villain" in fact when I first read about him I had the same questions. And for example in my country's low it is said that all people live in the democracy state, and are equal and all of them must know the whole information about their country. But as George Orwell said: "All animals animals are equal,but there are some who are more equal"So why there are people who are more equal?Why rest of them can't get the information free?Why we must live in shadows?

Anyway,I like this work,very well done
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You re deeply political.I faved all of these images.
I admire your skill and share your opinions man.
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Thank you very much. :)
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Video-Interview: [link]
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so cool! great job!
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that is what scares everyone around the globe. Wikileaks didnt have this much support till 'they' began the crackdown on wikileaks and Assange.

I for one have always supported the wikileaks' philosophy but was hardly ever interested in anything other than the news and leaks and wasn't always as active as i am now.

I am not still doing much but i do make sure that i spread the word about them every now and then.

I am sure that american govt's way of dealing with things on this issue has resulted in tremendous growth in number of wikileaks' supporters.
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Great job on this.

This is the first infowar. Were it not wikileaks it would be a similar party of a different name. This day has been a long time coming and it will come again. What happens here may very well impact the future of internet censorship; no, censorship as a whole.

We must take our side, no matter how convoluted the sides maybe, and stand for our beliefs.
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Thanks, and that may be the most insightful and thought-out reply to the piece I've gotten.

Thanks! You've given me a lot to think about. :)
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