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This Isn't An ENDING, Jon, Just a new BEGINNING!

Jon has died and ascended to Hell. Is this the end he's been looking for to allow him eternal rest? It isn't and ending, Jon. Just a new beginning!


Wow, what a piece!

So some technical stuff on this: This is the most time I've spent inking a piece, I think, in my life. I really enjoyed inking the main evil Garfield on this, and it was based on something I saw in a dream and I mixed that with a few things I've seen over the past 2 years. For perspective, I normally spend about an hour or two inking a piece, and I'll push 3 if it's really complex. This took around 8 hours.

The background... backgrounds are a massive weakness for myself, and after trying to do some in 2 pieces over the past week I decided to try something else. I was reading the Fire Force manga while working on this, and I was awestruck by the backgrounds. I looked and studied them to help me ink mine better, and I then went to my Cerebus the Aardvark comics to check out how Gerhard did his backgrounds. Holy shit are they amazing! In the end, I decided to just do hatching lines. I was going to do cross-hatching, but I just loved the look of this so much I decided to leave it as-is instead. The motion lines created a really nice feel to it.

Also: I stole the perspective. Kinda. I was looking for reference pics and saw a piece someone did. It was just amazing and perfect, so I wound up tracing the outline of the shapes and trying to figure out the perspective of it. I didn't get it 100% right, but I did learn a lot about perspective trying to figure this out. But that's also how you "steal like an artist."

I also made a small error in inking the lines around the main figure, so I went back and painted over some of the lines with white ink.

The speech bubble was also done by hand on a separate sheet of paper.

Save filling in some tiny areas of black I had on the left around some creatures, this is 100% hand-done.

Gorefield-style artwork is fun for me to do because they allow me to try and experiment with a few ideas I have from character design to inking styles. These are really fun exercises and I'm thankful I pushed myself to do these.
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